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When you've smashed a triathlon, rowed down the competition, or blitzed that perfect tennis match, you want your system healing and strengthening from the moment your muscles power down.

SKINS revolutionary research has taught us that your compression needs whilst in the height of activity are different to when your muscles are in a relaxed state of recovery. With this in mind, we created the RY400 range.

Wearing RY400 men's long tights after training or playing can help reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and improve your muscle recovery time.

Put an end to ice baths and wear RY400 for at least 3 hours to get the best results. 400 fit guarantees maximum comfort, so you can even wear them while you sleep to speed up your body's natural recovery process. They're not guaranteed to do much for your love life though.

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Levi O'Callaghan



These recovery bottoms have a comfortable fabric and can be worn all-day/overnight without discomfort. Although the waist-band is a little tight and the compression is not very apparent. As for results, they will need to be used for a longer duration to tell. Would've given 5 stars had the compression been a little tighter.




Äußerst angenehmer Schnitt, jedoch im Schritt als Mann ein wenig einklemmend und erwärmt auch ein wenig




Purchased the sleep recovery skins for my 14 year old son because he does so much football training.I got him Xs men’s and they fit perfectly and he said they are very comfortable and feels the benefit of wearing them especially because he is having a growth spurt




Confortable. Moins compressif qu'un collant de running mais suffisamment pour donner cette sensation de compression. Plus fragile aussi, il faut fair plus attention lorsqu'on l'enfile sinon certaines coutures peuvent craquer. Mais si on y va soigneusement, aucun souci. Je m'en sers après les longues sorties à vélo, sinon pour la course à pieds, je me contente de chaussettes de compression. Ça tient un peu chaud si on le met sous un pantalon. La taille est identique à celle des collants (taille M pour 1,80m 72kg). J'aurai bien aimé d'autres couleurs parce que là, à porter sans autre vêtement dessus ce n'est pas très glamour à la maison.

Andreas Bjurling



I have the older version of these, but one size larger (L). they were starting to feel a bit loose since I have lost some weight. I´m currently around 89 kg/187 cm, but to be fair, the waist seam is a bit too tight on these new ones in size M, the elastic band is also less comfortable. Otherwise a top notch product that I will use for many years, they really make a difference after hard workouts




Bought LM size, perfect for my long legs. Mild compression on the legs and less tight around the upper area. They reduce the recovery time after a long run. Very comfortable fit. I love sleeping in them.




Excellent fit, very supportive and comfortable for long periods.




Followed the recommended sizing chart - product fits very small - need a size up!




Top quality product, and best of all it works!!!

Tony H



First RY400's I have had - using them to alleviate Neuropathic pain in legs while wearing long trousers to work. DNamics have been a bit tight to wear all day.
And the Fly is a great bonus as well.
Work really well for me. Sized correctly and just comfortable amount of compression for all day and sleep wear.




Not that strong compression - which is good since you are supposed to wear them long time. Fly is nice add-on, you feel the manliness lol..

Kind of product you will want to wear all the time.

Did not sleep in them too much thou. But I love wearing them at home or under jeans when it's not too hot.




Feel very nice, refreshing, definitely snug putting on, planning on getting a second pair, but going with the Power Shorts next, for during activities




Fairly comfy but very little coverage in the groin area. Proceed with caution!




Awesome product, its functional fly is great because its vented and no need to pull the front down. Fits nice love sleeping in these.....




Ce collant de récupération est top ! Beau design et belles fintions




Awesome tights! I sleep in these tights, for recovery. They fit well, and are comfortable! Little difficult to put on at first. Kinda like putting on pantyhose. My wife kinda guided me with how that works, but now they fit like heaven. Best tights ever! 5 out of five!

Darren Boynton



I'm not a religious man but these must have fallen straight from heaven.

I'm 5'10", 177 lbs, 32" waist / 30" inseam. I purchased the MS size. They fit perfectly.

The level of compression is ideal for all-day/overnight use. There is more compression around the calf than the thigh which is perfect for me. The RY400s are closer to the DNAmic tights (than say, the A400s) in terms of feel - just more comfortable and super-breathable. Skins have really nailed the panels on every section of these tights.

My only complaint is that I can't afford to buy another 4 pairs...




Nice fit , though its not a magic wand it definitely helps with recovery. Its really good to have a fly as it helps for extended wears during office work (9+hours)

Will Collins



Very comfortable to lounge around in. Wearing them under my jeans and tracky-pants and they stay snug and in place. Compression is kinda mild compared to medical compression leggings. Full range of motion in comfort is one of my favourite aspects to these leggings. No pinch points anywhere.
If you want to get the best out of them, wear them regularly while moving about to benefit from better bloodflow and higher oxygen transport to your leg muscles.
Reg. retail price is astronomical. I got mine on a 30% off black friday deal and thats the only reason I bought them. Medical compression tights only cost a quarter of these leggings and do the same job hence the 4/5 rating.
Happy customer though. These are very good.

Kirk Texeira



RY400 for recovery. A400 for competition.
Great products. I have many pairs. Plus socks& sleeves. Ready to buy more.

Nik Gush



Don't wan't to take them off...

Yuwaraj Gurung



Nice fit and helpful staff....

Ian Archer-Wright



PERFECT. This is such a great brand. Fits great. Lines up with their sizing chart perfectly. Customer service is great: when I had a probably with a garment and explain the 'big race' was in a few days, they shipped a replacement out to me the next day, no questions.

Steven Moore



Very comfortable to sleep in

Patrick GLACON



Efficacité +++  si porté pendant 3h après l'effort

Nikita Gushchin



Incredible. I want to live without taking off this stuff!

Stan Folk



I am a 65 year old male. I have worn many compression tights mainly for better circulation in my legs. These are by far the best I have worn. They are easy to get on & you can tell the targeted compression in my ankles, calves, knees & glutes. You feel as if you have nothing on. I am going to order more. They are expensive  but worth every penny! A great product! 

Jason Kaplan



Got the pants a few weeks ago and they are great. I wear them for just a few hours after a tough workout and they decrease the recovery time greatly. They are comfortable too, I forget I am wearing them sometimes. Go Bala Racing!

Bart Buyst



Great long tights! I use them to sleep after a long marathon training. Feel the effect in the morning.

Andrew King



I'm 6'5" and the large long size is almost too long.

Grégoire Baudequin



When will you have S size restocked ? Thx

Mengchen Li



very comfortable and useful after work out

Kevin Blanc



Très confortable, je l'utilise juste après la douche. L'ajustement est excellent et la compression modérée agréable. Peut se porter la nuit sans souci de marquage.

Frédéric LOKO



Confortable, souple, doux au toucher.  

David Grier



Great fit and helps after boxing training sessions.

Philip Davies



These are great! Really noticed the difference




Très bon produit, j'ai constaté les bienfaits du port de ce SKINS après les entraînements et courses. Agréable à porter.

Ben Hardwill



Perfect fit and great value for money 

Gene Mutschler



Have used these quite a bit, primarily for overnight recovery.   They seem to have a noticeable effect in muscle recovery, especially in the lower leg.  As compression tapers off higher in the leg, there seems to be less benefit in things like glutes. They are very comfortable in general, and specifically because 1) they generally ride at about hip level and 2) the fly opening makes life simpler when using them overnight. The first pair I got had a defect in the mesh in the crotch area, but the Skins people replaced it promptly and I've not had any trouble since, despite using it 2-3 times a week for several  months. Since I do use them overnight, where they rub against bed clothes, they do exhibit quite a bit  of pilling, but they seem well-made, and I expect they will continue to perform well, given proper care.

Ryan Thelen



Had a hole in the leg upon arrival. Need I say more?

Jonathan Ho



Disappointed with this. The seam above the ankle started falling apart after a few washes. Have contacted customer services and filled out warranty link but still have not heard back.

Herbert Poul



Quite comfortable, good fit. Can't really tell if it really improves recovery, but it feels good :) have also worn it during long car drives to keep the blood in my legs flowing. Happy with the purchase, but imo still quite expensive for the purpose :/ but at least it feels like it is working.

Jamie Evans



Great product... Sceptical it would work but they really do

Maciej Siurek



Great product ! Does what it says! Had it for a while and I will definitely buy skins again.  I like their sizing which fits both tall and short people

Doug Baer



Overall, I would say that these are great tights. I have used these tights a few times for recovery after races and once during a long flight. Each time, I believe they have helped reduce swelling and soreness. My only real complaint is the waistband. Perhaps it is just the set that I received, but the elastic band inside the waist seems to get twisted around and does not lie flat all of the time.

These are not my first Skins tights, nor are they my first A400-series. I am between the Medium and Large sizes.  I ordered the Large since it matches my waist size more closely than the Medium, although the legs are an inch or so too long. I get a little bunching of the material, but nothing too bad. After reading some of the other reviews here, I guess going with the smaller size might have been a better choice.




My first time trying these recovery tights, and I found they do work. Surprisingly thin, yet very strong. Definitely follow the advice that if in between sizes go for the smaller choice.

Jack Rose



This is way not your usual report of improved performance. I suffer from something called Benign Fasciculation Syndrome, in which my leg and lower thigh muscles are often in movement, even when I am resting and when I have not been doing anything physical beforehand. Plus, I am quite limited in how much walking or other activity I can do involving my legs, because of how sore I get and how long it lasts (a good 2 days). Changes in barometric pressure also bring it on.

My Skins (these are my second pair) gave me immediate relief the first time I put them on, and I typically have them on for 5-6 hours, 3-5 days a week, and it is not that unusual for me to sleep in them. The extra added benefit is that the improved oxygen flow does wonders for my arthritis in my pelvic area, and I have been able to go off of pain medications for that and for the nerve pain that often comes with my condition. You can probably tell by now that I am no young squirt, but Skins have definitely given me some of my youth back.

Patrick Wells



This is my second pair of recovery tights and they are great! Good fit and feel, very comfortable. I sleep in them pretty regularly.

Alex Burgans



These long tights are incredible for a triathlete on-the-go! These are absolutely worth every penny.

Tezza Diomis



These long tights for recovery are amazing. I have been using them after training sessions for recovery now for over 3 years now. Helps speed up my muscle memory recovery process, enabling me to fit more sessions in per week. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!




I train about 14 to 16 hours a week doing CrossFit and olympic lifting programs. I've been using them after workouts and all they way through the next morning for about a month now. I've noticed a less soreness when waking up when wearing these. 3 times a week I'm training for 3 hours (2 hours in the morning, 1 hour in the evening) and in-between sessions, I'm wearing the RY400 so when I get to my third session, I feel ready to go.

Thanks Skins!




Hab die RY400 vor meinem letzten Halb-Marathon gekauft. Bestellt Mittwoch abend, Freitag waren sie da, Halb-Marathon dann am Sonntag.

Hab sie danach zur Regeneration über Nacht getragen. Das Rennen war intensiv und ich bin an meinem Limit gelaufen, von daher, war ich schon überrascht, dass ich am nächsten Tag keinen Muskelkater hatte und meine Beine relativ frisch waren.

Werde Sie nun für nach jedem längeren Lauf tragen!

Ingo L.



Nach intensivem Training oder Wettkämpfen trage ich die RY400 nicht nur ein paar Stunden, sondern häufig auch während des gesamten Schlafes in der Nacht.

Selbst an warmen Tagen trägt sie sich ideal, da sie sich nach einer kurzen Zeit wie eine 2. Haut anfühlt. Die Durchblutung wird erhöht, die Temperatur dadurch ebenfalls. Dennoch hat man das Gefühl, als ob die Beine schön kühl sind.




This is the second pair of skins I have owned, previously owning a small pair of the travel recovery tights. I'm 5'7 and found the travel tights far too long, so I was glad to see Skins introduce the SS size (Short Small). These now fit way better!

After a couple of wears I do find them to loosen up. However, after throwing them in the washing machine they seem to spring back and are nice and tight again.

The recovery aspect of them works great, and I never do a workout or play a game without having these close by afterward. Plus, they are super comfy; I sleep with them on most nights!

Hopefully Skins will soon bring out a SSS (Super Short Small)!

C. Bell



Ich habe einige Eigentests gemacht und bin zum klaren Schluss gekommen, dass die Regeneration sowohl nach Ausdauer- als auch Kraftbelastungen deutlich verbessert ist. "Direkt nach dem Training ist vor dem nächsten Training". Somit gehört die Recovery Serie zu einem festen Bestandteil unserer Arbeit mit Athleten und im Personal Training.

Daryll Imray



I train with weights & running & if you do not own a pair of these, then you missing out on a valuable recovery tool. I tried both wearing & not wearing these tights as an experiment to myself. I can say, hand on heart, these are a great product & worth every cent. Just not sexy for the other half though, lol.

Geoff Jubb



I have bought two. One for my mother, one for me. My mum has had hip issues and these really make a difference to mobility. For me, it allows for daily exercise and recovery overnight, when I need to go again the next day. Basketball, gym, long trips or boxing sessions it does not mater. The recovery tights can work for mobility or staying fit, no mater what your age. My only advice to skins, more recovery products please like lower legs / feet and shoulders.

Thomas M.



Meine müden Beine freuen sich nach jedem Training auf meine RY 400. Fühle mich durch das Tragen dieser Tights viel rascher bereit für meine nächsten Trainingseinheiten. Seit ich die RY 400 kenne, gibt es bei uns zu Hause eine neue Hausregel: immer sicherstellen, dass nie alle RY 400 gleichzeitg in der Wäsche sind...




Vorher hatte ich immer Muskelkater . Jetzt dank der RY Hose nicht mehr.




SKINS RY400 is a must have item if you want effective recovery. I sleep in my RY400 and feel fresh the next day compared to what I normally feel like after intense activity.

I combine the use of RY400 with the SKINS Memory MX calf tights. For the first 1-1.5 hours after intense activity, I use the calf tights and then switch to the long tights for longer recovery use. I would also recommend the use of the Memory MX calf tight for the first 1-1.5 hours after massage.

The hipster style of the long tights is very comfortable. In combination with the calf tight, RY400 is my favourite recovery kit.




I am in the middle of touch training for tourney's and my biggest fear was backing up for a 3 game run the next day and I can't believe how my muscles weren't even sore.....normally they are sore as the next day and by the 4th day at tourney I'm gone. These enabled me to play. Freakin unbelievable.

Alex Laybourne



A superb product that does exactly what it sais. Having just completed the 2012 Marathon des Sables I used SKINS gear to race in and also to recover. Having trained without SKINS and with SKINS the difference was noticable. Some evenings I felt like I wouldn't be able to go again the next day but a night in the RY400 tights and top proved the difference!

I would 100% recomment this and will be going back for more. As I said a superb product that has a positive training effect. Great fit and very comfortable.




I considered buying these for recovery purposes for a long time and did not regret getting them once I finally did put the cash down, there a cheaper options out there I have used nike and 2xu as well before but not for recovery purposes. To be honest nike and 2xu work perfectly fine and I have no problems with them but Skins just feels like a step up in quality to both of them. These tights are very comfortable to wear and the stitching doesnt come away as other products do. The size guide I found helpful in particular; I normally struggle to choose between small and medium however with the size chart I knew for certain I needed a small. The tights fit perfectly.

Jack Mann



I've been racing mountain bikes for the past 4 years in a highschool league and I must say that these are one of the best purchases I've made in that time. I had heard only good things about compression clothing from fellow racers apart from one thing: their fit in the crotch (or lack thereof). I found these and read reviews that talked about their (non-compression) crotch and was instantly sold. I'm astounded by the difference they make, even just hours after incredibly tough riding. I usually feel fresh by the next day. I've also worn these for travel too and from races and they make me feel like I must have a leg up on the other riders. Very highly recommended.

Rob Gregory



A great product that really does work! After a 15 mile off-road running race I wore the RY400 recovery tights for the rest of the day/evening. Not only did they feel great to wear they reduced any after effects of the race to a minimum. I felt fine the day after and when I got to the office on Monday and saw the state of the 2 colleagues I ran with I was convinced my new tights had done the job.

I was however really disappointed with the amount of packaging the product came in. Is it really necessary to ship such lightweight and durable products in double thickness cardboard?

I love Skins products but I'm not getting great vibes from your brand in terms of being either forward thinking on sustainability or being particularly environmentally conscious.




These recovery tights saved me. I ski at a high professional level, usually suffering during the first few weeks back on snow. I was having a season of ski training breaks, so essentially starting over 3-4 times in one season... with these... not one bit of stiffness or fatigue!! Superb.

Guy Petruzzelli



A number of companies claim to have created the "future of recovery" tights. From Zensah, CEP and even Zoot, and not a one has performed as promised. The SKINS RY400 tight is superior to every other company in every way - comfort, compression and real recovery. I slept in them Friday night, and woke up Saturday feeling pretty fresh. Now, I just recovered from an operation, so Saturday was my second run in 2 weeks. And it was a long one, with hill repeats. Then later in the day, I had a hard Crossfit workout. I ask a lot of my recovery tights, I need to be able to recover quickly to get back out and perform at a high level again. I wasn't disappointed as I cruised through my run on Saturday with fresh legs. It was amazing. I have never expected to feel that good upon waking from sleeping in recovery tights. Simply outstanding. Fit like a second skin, but not constricting; didn't even notice them. The stitching is excellent, the fly is a most welcome bonus, and the waist was snug but never too much.
Again, I slept in them last night, in preparation for today's very tough brick. It was a combination of short and hard efforts on the bike to be followed by short and hard efforts on the run with no rest. And again I woke up feeling great, and hit the workout hard. Legs were in great shape feeling recovered and limber.
Kudos to you guys for what you have created. These are officially a stable in my training/racing/travelling/recovery wardrobe.




I'm in training for my first ironman and a friend recommended that I use compression tights to aid recovery - Wow! Forget ice baths, after a serious day of training cram yourself in these and the next day you won't believe how good you feel. Try them.
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