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SKINS A400 Men's Compression Long Sleeve Tops supercharge your performance naturally, whatever sport you play. Dynamic gradient compression accelerates your blood flow to deliver more oxygen to your core muscles for more power and endurance.

With 400 fit and dynamic gradient compression, you'll notice improved core body control and power, as well as less post-exercise muscle soreness.

Biomechanically placed Memory MX fabric over the spine and around the scapula and obliques provides constant, controlled compression and unrestricted movement to help you to avoid the type of muscle damage you sustain in action, but only notice when you cool down.

Fast wicking technology transports moisture away from the skin and helps regulate body temperature and UPF 50+ provides all round protection. A hem gripper keeps the shirt in place as you race around.

Wear this SKINS A400 Men's Compression Long Sleeve Top with A400 long tights or shorts to improve your performance like nothing before.

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David Bates



I've been using (mot wearing!) A200 full length tights for the last two years and will not run without them now. I also hill walk and ski using them for both activities. I received an A400 vest for Xmas and have used it for the last three days and I am impressed! No arm aching, breathing fine, but it does accentuate the midriff and you feel it on the way round! Hoping that the A400 continues to add to improving my performance through 2015 and I'll purchase a few more. DCB




I've been using this shirt for the last couple weeks working out. First, the style is great! The higher neck makes it look more like a workout shirt. Second, the quality is great. The stitching can take a lot of stretching and remains solid. Third, the shirt keeps me just the right temperature whether I'm lifting hard or running 5k. Finally, the compression does help with muscle fatigue. I'm finding I can work out a little harder a little longer. I don't get sore or as tired in my forearms while wearing the shirt. I'm very pleased with this shirt and have become a big believer in compression garments for lifting and running. The sizing chart is true so go by it. Great product!




Great quality product that delivers all that is claimed. Highly recommend to anyone involved in sports, even as a beginner.

Werner Schäfer



Ich liebe die Serie A400 zum joggen. Eng anliegende Funktionswäsche scheuert bei meinen vielen langen Läufen weniger. Leider ist dies mein langärmligen T-Shirt nicht 100% gegen. Der Einsatz unter dem Halls kratzt auf meinem Schlüsselbein.

Nicolas Simon



Au départ un peu sceptique sur la compression du haut du cors, je dois avouer que ce produit m'a totalement convaincu, surtout grâce à sa gestion de la température. Évacue très bien la transpiration et permets de rester au chaud en hiver et une sensation de fraicheur en été. Bluffant!




I use this garment for outdoor activities and on the bike during intense indoor sessions on the trainer. The first thing you notice is the comfort. You don't even notice the garment when wearing it, which for me is important and good sign that the fit is right. The garment also does not restrict movement.

I feel supported through the torso and arms. It is a great training partner.




I have purchased other compression garments, and Skins is by far the best. Compared to other brands like Nike, Adidas and CWX the technology is far superior. I find myself with better posture and form. I have noticed that my body temperature seems to be better regulated and that I don't sweat as much compared to when I don't wear them. They are a little difficult to get on (but then they are spandex tights lol) but once you get them on you don't want to take them off. Initially, I was just going to buy a cheaper brand, but thought I'd take the chance and I am so glad I did. One thing I will say is be careful with how you put them on because the stitching can come lose at the bottom for the long-sleeved tops. But, overall, a really good product and I'm pleased with the purchase.




You get what you pay for.
Simple as that.
Before i bought this product i would think to myself why waste so much money on skins when i could buy a cheaper alternative. So i purchased a nike compression top. & let me tell you, the nike top was horrible. The compression around the abdominals was OK, however the compression around my arms was pathetic.
So i upgraded to Skins, & let me tell you i haven't looked back since.
This product is excellent! It really does do what it says it'll do.
It keeps you warm, sweat free & it ACTUALLY feels compressed on your body.
If you were someone like me who thought skins cost too much, well trust me, its worth the money. Don't go for cheaper alternatives, you'll just end up disappointed like i did.




I just got my A400 long sleeve.
Although I'd like to be able to order more for less money, I could just as easily have paid more for this awesome super-quality-product!
Competitors can NOT even be compared with SKINS. SKINS quality is taken to the limits of quality.. I dont even feel that the compression wear is on me - it's like it IS me. WOW!!




recently bought this top to wear for mixed martial arts training,and i have to say it is superb, my body core strength feels ten years younger and at 45 need i say more! well worth the money!




the skins A400 long sleeve top is great. I used it at rugby training, games & at school. Gotta admit its one great prodcut that helps me perform better!

Nat R



First I would like to say that I think the A400 long sleeve top is great. It feels comfortable and protects and stabilises the upper body really well. When doing very arduous sessions it really did feel like it helped cool me down. However! This product is no good for any wrestling/No Gi submission wrestling. There are areas of the garment that have a flimsy mesh material. This mesh material weakens and tears in just a couple of months. If you are looking to purchase a SKINS or compression product, make sure it has no mesh material.




The new A400 is a huge step forward over the originals. I used to be skeptical with the original Skins products, but these new A400's provide an instantly noticeable difference.
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