An independent report into an attempt by ‘Marathon Man’ Rob Young to run across America earlier this year has found ‘no alternative plausible explanation’ than Young received unauthorised assistance.

The investigation, conducted by Professor Roger Pielke Jr of the University of Colorado and Professor Ross Tucker of the University of the Free State, was commissioned by SKINS in July following concerns raised by members of the running community.

“As a result of these findings, SKINS is ending its contract with Rob Young,” said Executive Chairman of SKINS, Jaimie Fuller.

“All of us at SKINS are extremely disappointed that it has come to this but we also want to remain consistent with our values of championing the true spirit of competition.”

Mr Fuller said that Rob Young accepts the termination of the commercial relationship but not the findings. The report reveals that Young remains adamant that he ran every step but made fundamental errors with the collection and handling of data.

Mr Fuller added that there were also lessons for SKINS in the Pielke/Tucker report, including the need to better resource similar events in the future. SKINS had only one staff member supporting the attempt, with multiple and diverse duties, who could not be available 24/7.

“The report also contains a salutary lesson for SKINS. We placed too many expectations on one staff member and under-estimated the work involved.

“In future, we will be much more mindful of what is needed to ensure that there is appropriate data gathering, monitoring and instant sharing in place and resource it appropriately,” Mr Fuller said.

“Like any sport, running is a passion for many people around the world and it’s critical to the integrity of running that record attempts such as the one by Rob Young are properly managed and transparent.

“I’m grateful to Roger Pielke and Ross Tucker for their comprehensive work and the clarity of their findings. I also appreciate the interest of the running community in the record attempt and the outcome of this investigation.”


A copy of the full report Investigation of Cross-US Run Attempt by Rob Young, Sponsored by SKINS by Professor Roger Pielke Jr ( and Professor Ross Tucker ( is available on the SKINS website at: rob-young-investigation-report

Read Jaimie Fuller’s blog about this matter here: rob-young-trans-america-run-attempt

Further information: Jaimie Fuller, +61 418 242 399; .