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Whether playing a few practice swings or competing in a tournament, G400 men's compression calf tights with stirrups offer focused support to your lower leg muscles for increased proprioception.

SKINS unique and proprietary research into the body's compression requirements while in motion has been built into all G400 products. Dynamic gradient compression combines with 400 fit to accelerate blood flow, enhancing oxygen delivery to your active muscles and reducing the build-up of lactic acid. Muscle recovery is boosted and post workout muscle soreness is reduced.

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I use these for running and soccer and have helped greatly with shin splints. Highly recommend these.




hi everyone, i play hockey and i used to get terrible shin pain after intense practice, but i was never sure about using compression clothing, i thought it was a hoax. but one day i couldn't handle the pain in my calf's and shins and i finally decided to give skins calf tights a go, i ll have to admit those are the best $40 i have ever spent. i don't get shin pain anymore. so if you suffer from shin splints after intense running, you can trust calf tights with closed eyes. hopefully this review will help make your decision for first time skins users.

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