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The little black dress of your sports wardrobe?

Whether you enjoy a casual gym class, do a morning run or have your own training regime, SKINS compression garments, like your runners, are an essential part of your wardrobe.

Scientifically proven to make the body perform and recover better, your little black SKINS mean you can work out longer and have less muscle pain the next day.

How? We ensure you get correct amount of pressure in all the right places to deliver more oxygen to your muscles whilst our unique fabrics reduce the risk of injury by supporting key muscle groups and allowing unrestricted movement.

Revolutionary sizing

Forget the vagueness of the usual S, M, L fit. From day dot we refused to accept poor fitting garments, so, to provide the best fit in sports compression, we pioneered a sizing system that uses a unique BMI algorithm which takes into account your height and weight (God love those sports scientists!)

The ultimate fit

Leading the way in compression sizing, we have now developed another compression first our SKINS 400 Series.

A range tailored for the ultimate fit, using a unique sizing system that not only takes into account height and weight as before, but now also your body shape.

We know that women are all shapes and sizes (our full 3D body scan of hundreds of active women confirmed this!) but our research allowed us to identify 2 body shapes key to giving every woman the perfect fit. Creating what is arguably the best fitting female compression garment in the market:

H shaped bodies have little variation in shape from waist to the hip and thigh.

Whatever your game, wed like to think we can help you do it better by making you go smarter, not harder.

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Fabric Technology


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Natalie Anderson



GREAT FIT, SO COMFORTABLE!! Such a great product, use them for running, working out in the gym and sports training, they are just great. Reduce the amount of muscle soreness i get after a long training session by a massive amount!! A must buy for anyone who exercises!!




I am an endurance rider, which means I compete on horseback riding for 80km's or more in one day. I have had my A400 skins for two and a half years now and have ridden over 1000km's in them. They reduce muscle stiffness and swelling and have gotten me through everything from 40 degree heat to -3 degree wind and sleet, which is very important when you are in a saddle for seven hours! I would never ride in anything else!




Great anti-jiggle control. I should wear them everywhere!




WOW! What a product! Can't recommend it enough. I bought one as my friend highly recommended it. I can't imagine training in winter time or when it is cold without it. Very comfortable and you don't feel them when wearing.

Gail Dowel



Post 2 rounds back surgery.
The rest of my body was still recovering from over compensating, which I was unaware of, as we slowly peeled back the layers of pain. I decided to purchase some skins to aid support and recovery to my glutes, hamstrings & calf's.
Wish I had of thought of it 2 years ago.
I try and wear them everyday & found them fabulous while at work, walking and doing Pilates.
I have found the fit perfect as per their measurements, except that I was blessed with shorter legs than the rest of the female species! However in saying that.... they are still the perfect fit... I just need to pull them up at the knee occasionally which is not difficult.
Now I'm saving up for the long sleeve top to support issues in my upper back




THEY ARE GREAT! Initially, they looked super tight, but thats what tights are for. Follow the size chart and you won't regret it. It super sleek, comfortable and keeps your muscles tight and warm. Great for running and recovery. Very happy about this investment. Thanks Skins




Love my new Skins, which arrived in plenty of time for me to wear them for the 12km course in the recent HBF Run for a Reason, in Perth, last month. I'd had a few niggling muscle strains in my training for the run, and for a while there I thought I'd have to run and walk the course -- after running the whole way each year since the run started. With the support and compression benefits offered by my Skins, however, I was able to run the whole way (albeit at my usual slow pace), and experienced the barest minimum of muscle soreness the next day. What a difference the Skins technology made for me!

Nic Gibbs



I used the size chart to order my very first set of Skins, having just started running in the past 2 months had a calf strain which the A400's have been perfect for, not even a twinge. No rubbing or creeping and I am a curvy lady. Will definitely purchase again.

Dorothy David



I have bad knees & swelling in the lower legs,
I'm on my feet all day and walk about 9km.
As soon as I get home from work I shower
& then put my skins on & most nights I sleep in them.
I wake up with no sore legs and feel great.




I have been in search for that "awesome" fitting run pant and must admit that i was hesitant at first. I read up a number of reviews online between Skins and other brands and these came on top of many others. So I decided to give them a go.
Upon wearing them for the first time during an early morning run, I felt the support but at the same time as the name goes "Skins", it felt as if I only had my birthday skin on.
In a few words I LOVE THEM & have highly recommended them to a number of professional marathon runner friends overseas.

Thanks for producing such an awesome product that fits its description to a TEE :))




Very good for long hiking trips - will be in Nepal in 3 weeks so hopefully will survive. Only don't like the slight (!!) belly bulge above the waist line! My friend and I call it the "Skins" bulge, maybe will have to wear compression upper garment to stop that!!

Mel G



Des le premier essai, je l'ai adopte! Je me sens svelte, bien maintenue, plus endurante et je ne ressens aucune douleur pendant l'effort et surtout je peux recourir le lendemain sans avoir aucune courbature! Je recommande fortement l'article même aux sportives occasionnelles.




J'ai choisi le collant A400 pour sa qualité haut de gamme et j'ai été surprise par son confort et son effet second peau.

Pendant l'effort, j'ai ressenti plus de dynamisme et d'endurance et après l'effort: un sensation agréable de fourmillements dans les jambes.

Le lendemain, je n'ai eu aucunes courbatures comme par magie, mes jambes étaient légères!




These are great, except that I have short legs and I find them way too long. While I'm wearing them, the knee section ends up sitting below my kneecap. Because they're so long, I end up with folds of fabric in certain places and it's just not giving me the compression it should because it's too loose. I checked the sizing chart and chose the right size - I'm definitely a on the larger side of an M. It's just that my legs are too short for the tights and I spend the whole time pulling them up and trying to stretch out the folds.

Please make a size that suits people with short legs!




I feel so sexy in it, and i always masterbate and have sex in this
i always do porn in this and it sooooooooooooooooo sexy
my husband fucks me everyday because iim in it!!!




I have been wearing skins for years instead of my surgical pantyhose that take half an hour to put on.
I have to wear skins every day because of the swelling in my body, I even wear the arm sleeves.
I must put my skins on straight after showering in the morning and the relief is amazing. Sometimes I wear them to bed if I am particularly sore.
The only problem is I like to have some plain black without the knee support as the A400 have as I can then wear them as tights and look quite fashionable. I wish we had a skins factory outlet in Christchurch .
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