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Whether you enjoy a casual gym class, do a regular morning run or have your own training regime, SKINS compression garments, like your runners, are an essential part of your kit.

Scientifically proven to help the body perform and recover better, your SKINS mean you can work out longer and have less muscle pain the next day.

How? We ensure you get correct amount of pressure in all the right places to deliver more oxygen to your muscles, whilst our unique fabrics reduce the risk of injury by supporting key muscle groups and allowing unrestricted movement.

SKINS A400 calf tights with stirrup can be paired with A400 women's compression shorts for maximum benefit. They're ideal for runners, or those who play team sports where wearing long tights is not permitted.

For the ultimate fit, we pioneered a sizing system that uses a unique algorithm that takes into account your calf circumference, so your calf tights will provide optimal compression and comfort.

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I am am person with MS and have developed significant fluid retention problems.

I bought a full set of SKINS compression wear (long sleeve top, full length pants, plus calf tights). These have made a HUGE difference and make my life SO much easier and better. They have helped significantly reduce pain and have also made a significant difference in my ability to cope day to day.

They really do the job.

Thank goodness.

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