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It’s 5am in the morning, the alarm clock is ringing and you know: it’s bl*#dy earlier but its time for your first training session. Our A400 Men’s ¾ Tights are the perfect equipment for a run in the cool morning air.  They shield your knees from the cold while allowing free movement.

The compression in these functional tights, which feature more than 15 fabric panels, increases the oxygen supply to your muscles and provides stability. Even during high intensity workouts your movements remain controlled and strong, and vibrations are a thing of the past. Developed in Switzerland, the new ADAPTIVE Technology keeps you dry and regulates your body temperature like a second skin. It keeps you warm in the cold, and cools you down in warm conditions.

The logos of the A400 Men’s ¾ Tights are reflective in any source of light and provide 360 degree visibility to keep you safe at all times. Our A400 compression tights combine dynamic compression with the latest design, including digital printed graphics. The special A-Seams and the shape of the waistband guarantee that the garment provides optimal comfort.  A practical pocket in the waistband allows you to store your key and keeps your hands free during your athletic challenge.

  1. Controlled pressure over the ITB and TFL muscle groups
  2. Adaptive Technology keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot
  3. A-Seams for comfort and durability without chafing
  4. 360 degree reflectivity
  5. Bonded hems for comfort
  6. Easily accessible waistband pocket
  7. Wider waistband and shaped crotch for comfort

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Bon produit mais le bas du corsaire ne tient pas bien en place et à tendance à glisser sur le mollet pour remonter vers la pliure du genou.




It's cool




Très satisfait de cet article : la compression est bien plus efficace que celle procurée par les collants longs

elee boustani



On point where the compression is needed. Couldn't fault this product, none of the other brands compare to the quality Skins produce

Doug Decker



Wear skins for any and all training. The A400 line is my go to. 

Torry Robbennolt



Product material barely held up a month after use. Disappointed after how mich they cost




When I started five years ago with running, my coach advised me to get myself compression garment. He said this would improve my body feeling and slow muscle fatigue. So, it was winter and I bought the "SKINS A200 Men Thermal Long Tights". It was the beginning of an ongoing friendship. Although I otherwise almost exclusively buy UNDER ARMOUR clothes, UA has no chance with compression short and long tights. SKINS is the ultimate alpha and omega.
Furthermore, I also prefer when training and competing to wear CEP Compression Socks SOCKS RUN 2.0.
This will help you to understand why I've purchased the A400 Compression 3/4 Tight. I pull the socks over the knee extension, which has the advantage that it can not ride up the leg. This would be very annoying. The latest version of this compression tight (Skins A400 Mens Mens 3/4 Tights, Gold) has the same problem. It costs ONE star.
Now to this tight. Run with your usual running socks and running pants 10 km. Then (a day or two regeneration is perhaps not bad) with the combination SKINS 3/4 Tight and CEP Socks. The difference is like night and day. I would never wear something else while running. I just feel great and I run another 5 kilometers, just for fun. I love it.
The waistband is comfortable. It is soft and should be worn at level of the hip bone.
The tight is like a second skin and hardly noticeable. Moisture is wicked away from the skin and during the training wind and cold (wearing the tight at freezing temperatures) are not noticeable.
An investment that pays off. Purchased the old tight two years ago, training five times during the week (10 - 17 km per day) and the tight is still in shape and nowhere broken. First-class quality. This is also the reason why I have not bought the new one. I am a miser.

Lean myself not too far out of the window when I say: FOUR star and you have to buy! Recommendation!

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