Benefits & Features

SKINS K-PROPRIUM Long Tights are serious tights for serious athletes. We’ve combined our premium compression tech with built-in Proprioceptive Power Bands to boost your body’s natural proprioception and power up your performance like never before.

Benefits Include

  1. Biomechanically placed Proprioceptive Power Bands (PPB's) improve proprioception and joint stability to reduce fatigue and the risk of injury 
  2. Dynamic Gradient Compression ensures compression levels are optimised for activity, providing increased support and driving more oxygen to your muscles for better performance
  3. The ergonomically shaped waistband supports and stabilises the lower abdominals and lumbar spine 
  4. ADAPTIVE Technology keeps you feeling warm when it’s cold and cool and dry when it’s hot 
  5. A-Seams sit flat against your body for ultimate comfort and durability without chafing
  6. Reflective SKINS logos for 360-degree visibility in low light conditions 
  7. Bonded hems that won't dig into your ankles 
  8. Shaped crotch for comfort

Wear SKINS K-PROPRIUM Long Tights for endurance training, team and power-based sports to fight fatigue and take your performance to new heights. 

Fiber Content

Main: 76% Polyamide, 24% Elastane
PPB's: 42% Polyamide, 58% Elastane, exclusive of trims

Compression Benefits

Functional Design

Fabric Technology


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Rating Snapshot

Rating Snapshot











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Very effective!! Worth every oenny if you're running long distance. Compression pants stay in place while running no issues at all.




I am very happy with the material and cutting.
Highly recommend.




Just brilliant!




Tricky to get on but well worth it. The extra compression makes me feel stronger the proprioception seems to provide me with more body awareness and support. Highly recommended!




Waist band uncomfortable. Pretty tricky to get them on and off. Not so pleased.




Decent tights. Compression material seems to last a lot longer than the a400s which is nice. Cool design. Also doesnt pull at my leg hair.

Superior compression
Good design

Difficult to put on
Bunching can occur behind the knee (could be personal issue due to knee size)

Worth the price, i like them. Probably not the best on the market but high enough quality for anyone below world class athlete.

Jim Skibo



These are fantastic running tights, they are engineered in a way that gives great muscle support. However, these are not just a heavier compression version of a normal running tight so be very careful on size. I would normally wear a medium but the medium version of these, while comfortable, was almost impossible to get over my heel. Also, these are not going to just slide on, you must peel them on and off because the fabric does not slip. That is a good thing because they do not move around when you run distance.

Adrien Oulevey



Great compression tights. So good you nearly forget you have them on when training. Need some time to get used to wear them and some more to put them on the first few times. Sizing according to chart was perfect. Really keep motivated and bring great support while training.

The tights tend however to leave a few marks where the sowing is done ; they disappear after a while though. Probably having the proprioceptive bands on a different layer would resolve the issue. Really hope a top with comparable tech comes in the future!

Jason Garber



These compression tights are amazing. They are so good I purchase a second one. They may have a higher cost compared to others but worth every penny.

cameron webster



Skins are far and away the best compression on the market, from the fabric to the fit; I've tried EVERYTHING! These are another step up from the A400. If you're likely to wear them a whole day, the A400 is prob more comfortable, but these really do help keep the legs and hips aligned, engaging mind and body together to do so. Disappointed there's too much fabric behind the knee that bunches up, why make such a great legging but fail on that detail?

Andi W



Qualitativ hochwertiges Produkt, das super stützt beim Training und erst noch gut aussieht. Und nicht jeder trägt es neben Dir beim Workout.

Denis Ricci



Super tolle Hose mit bequemen hohen Bund.
Sitzt perfekt und die Unterstützung kann man richtig spüren!

Adrian James



So far so good. Putting them through their paces with HIIT in the gym. The long fitting is longer and better than the A400s. I wear the knees of the A400 just above my knee, and I was therefore very worried that the more precise knee positioning of the K-PROPRIUM would be a problem. Not at all, my knee cap is at the lower end of the knee, but within it, so I'm happy. The fit is firm and very comfortable for extended periods. The tights stay in place - no more yanking them back up. Hopefully the stitching, which must be put under considerable strain, will hold up for the lifetime of the product.

Bernd kottmann



Toller Artikel!!

Kevin Gray



Legs feel great on long runs. Binds a little behind the knee, but the compression keeps legs and glutes feeling great.

Nik Gush



There are some "-" but for each of them there are "+". Mainly:
- really good compression
- there is a really boost when legs are tired or lazy and u need to step over it
- have a good waist effect
- not so easy to put them on if matching to 400's
- they fills a little bit... raw




Love the compression, not sure if I will like the waist band 




Worst QC product ever!!  I first got the item a couple weeks ago. After wore it for a run I noticed a little hole at the seam on the right knee, sent it for a clam, got a new one today. THERE IS STILL A HOLE AT THE EXACT SAME POSITION. It's a new pair with the same defect. What happened to your product quality? not happy with the purchase at all.

Joel K Le Bon



These tights are amazing! I've purchased about 6 different pairs of Skins tights, and have never been disappointed! When I first put them on, I had to learn how. They were like putting on pantyhose. Now they feel great, the way compression should fit! I give them 10 out 5 stars!

Mark Richardson




Michael Puls



I used these in three trainings now and so far I must say they are the best running tights I ever had. Great compression at the right zones and very comfortable at the same time. The sizes are a bit different from the regular A400 though. I usually have size ML, but it time this was too long, the regular size (M) however almost appear a bit short, but are just right in the end. But since the tights stay exactly how you put them on and do not slip at all even during heavy training they still are the best fitting tights I ever tried. Well done! 

Peter Robertson



I am a long time wearer of the 400 series long compression tights which I rate as 5 star, 10/10. I do cross-fit type training 3 - 4 times a week. When my last sets wore out I bought two of these as replacements, online without trying them on, thinking I was upgrading to something even better that Skins had come up with.  This was a mistake. In short they are much harder to get on and the Proprioceptive Power Bands feel ruberized and do absolutely nothing special at all from what I can tell a few months in. The lower calf section is made of some kind of very inflexible material which is especially hard to get over your foot. There seems no reason for this. Over all they are MUCH harder to get on due to the rubberised material and then when you do get them on they don't even fit around your upper leg, butt and waste as well as the pure 400 series. Sorry Skins but I don't recommend them. At least don't buy them without first trying them on. I'm going back to the 400 series and never looking back. Now I just wish they made those in some more interesting and fun colours as they have started to do with the 200 series. 

Neill Alexandre



Great fit and very comfortable.

Olan Jones



Like them even better than the original. The colors are better and  the pants seem to both fit better and the material seems higher quality for a lower price.  Overall, they are improved and cost less !

Daniel Soo



These tights have finally put some wearable outdoor tights for men that don't necessarily look like tights. Great Tech and targeted compression areas.

Andreas Widmer



super gute Kompression an den Stellen, die es braucht. Leider ist Naht am Schritt bereits nach 3 Trainings gerissen :(

Tomas Holiencik



keeps me going faster and longer. these were really tight to put on first time

LeRoy Augustus



First thing I noticed is the difference in colour to the web photo which a bit disappointing speedo provide special gloves for their fastskin range idea you should give some thought considering the price otherwise a good product.

Aaron Mansell



Brilliant. One word of warning give your self time to put them on. 

Michael Gillett



Comfortable and great once you get them on. If you have hairy legs expect to pull a few hairs out fitting into them...

Sandro Karbon



Die K-Proprium ist sehr zeitaufwändig beim anziehen, wenn diese aber einmal sitzt hat sie einen tollen Tragekomfort und der Support der Muskulatur ist deutlich zu spüren. Meine Lieblingstights für den Leg-Day.

Rolf Carlson



A truly great product.  Fits well and really gives awesome support

Frederick MARTIN



Really very satisfied with this tights. I have several models of skins tights (A200, A400, DNAmics), and this one seemed even more convincing. You really feel the muscle support. I
used it for the first time in a half marathon and I really felt my legs
significantly less tired from the 18th kilometer compared to the
previous half-marathon I ran.

Michael Harris



First time I've bought Skins having used other brands for the last three years. Will. Never. Go. Back!

Grant Gurnsey



Hard to put on - alignment of panels very specific and not easy to retain on long runs

Terry Bewes



Perfect for my running and yoga and a fit you feel gives you support. Excellent

Uwe Linz



Super Kompression. Einfach super. Tolles Tragegefuehl

Corry Cooper



These are exceptional compression tights, I've noticed improved recover and also performance during my HIIT workouts, slight downside to quality as I have a loose thread in the stitching.

Jason Dung



To say these are the best compression pants I've ever owned is an understatement. The A400 pant is already the best compression pants I've ever owned, but having to tape up before a race was a waste of time and money for the tape. Granted these are more expensive than standard compression pants, but with how well they support my calves, knees, glutes, etc, I have no doubt they will pay for themselves in no time. Plus they're still cheaper than other KT compression pants on the market! 

David Voila



These are the best (compression) tights that I've worn from SKINS. The darker fabric is ultra thick with anti-slip on the inside and I like it very much. The ankle to "just below calf" muscles are wrapped in a light grey fabric and that fabric is very much the best! The  dark grey fabric gives ultimate Power and strength/flexibility from the legs. These feel like they are using kinesiology (muscle chain engagement) built into these tights, making the leg muscles continually engaged while, if any injuries are/were present, or stresses to the legs may be a concern, these tights would be recommended as they properly align from hips to ankles. I use these for yoga and ballet and especially for recovery and stretching, I purchased 2 pairs the day they came out and use them continuously (though I like the look of STARLIGHT tights). If I were to edit this garment, I would FIRST make them footed (like the original SKINS recovery travel tights that I use often), then I would use more panels for muscle/tendon wrapping using the dark/thick material and especially the lower light-grey material replacing the"gradient-colored fabric". The gradient colored fabric is great and tough however they are more suited for recovery rather than performance, I purchase SKINS for performance AND recovery so I certainly purchase specifically designed SKINS for specific purpose. I would also add the long-sleeve top with the same muscle defining panels throughout for, not just properly fitting/wearing, also for performance muscle engaging and recovery sleep muscle compression. All in all, these, using current tech and current designs available, these are the best on the market.

olan jones



The benefits of these tights are very obvious to anyone who has worn compression clothing in the past. Whether you are doing cardio or weights your legs feel much more stable and strong. It almost feels like a 4 wheel drive when running hills. The stability factor really kicks in with weights whether it is squats or upper body you are working with. The tights fit great and look great.just need a shirt to match and more color choices. I will buy another pair of leggings and a shirt when you do that. Great product if you can afford. In that case, they are well worth the 200 bucks. Thanks to SKINS for pushing the design limits of compression technology with K-PROPRIUM.tights. 
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