SKINS have always believed in pure sport, free from drugs and corruption. But we also believe in redemption. Anyone deserves a second chance if they’ve paid their debt to sporting society.

That’s why to launch SKINS’ new Citizens of Sport series, our Chairman Jaimie Fuller interviewed Philippa York about cycling and and gender dysphoria.

A Citizen of Sport doesn’t spectate, they participate. They believe sport is a universal human right. They use their position to inspire this generation and the next, on and off the field. We are all Citizens of Sport.

Rise Up.

In the 80s and 90s, Philippa York was Britain’s most successful cyclist, but operating then under the name of Robert Millar. There was a period of time that she disappeared from the public eye at the start of the millennium before she reappeared in 2017 as Philippa York, to great support and a positive response. Listen to the exclusive interview: