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Citizens of Sport

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Joe Egan - Former Boxing Champion

"I hate bullies with a passion. I'll stand up for any man. I fear no man on this planet."

Kristen Worley - LGBTI Rights Activist

"Society is telling me this is wrong, but I can't stop it."

Andrea Eskau - Paralympic Gold Medalist

“I’ve won races, not by being the strongest, but by mentally being the toughest.”

Samantha Gash - Endurance Athlete

"I feel like I couldn't do justice to the experience if I couldn't access emotion when I saw people."

Greg Louganis - Olympic Champion

"You have the power to have some type of positive impact."

Michelle Heyman - Football Star

"If I can help one person a day to be comfortable with who they are, then my job is done."

SKINS & Sherpa - Mt. Everest Summit

“We were delighted to support in taking health and education directly to the Sherpa community, and to help out with equipment."

Alexis Caught – Inclusive Athlete

“I was accepted, then suddenly I wasn’t. I was outright told I didn’t belong."

John McAvoy - Former Prisoner

"What have I done with my life? I’m 26. I’ve done nothing so far than being in prison."

Gearoid Towey - Citizen of Sport

"I believe that sport was my refuge. My medicine."

James Stark – Private trainer

"I can’t even imagine a world without sport. It’s all I’ve ever known and it has set the standard for the rest of my life."

Lee McLaughlin - Olympic hopeful

“I am still waiting for my big sporting moment. I have no doubt it will come, I just don’t know when or what sport.”
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