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We know recovery is an important part of your fitness routine. A quick recovery means you feel great, can work out more often and get better results.

Research has taught us that your compression needs whilst active are different to when your muscles are in a relaxed state of recovery. With this in mind, we created the RY400 range.

Forget massages, long baths and ice packs. To improve recovery time, simply pull on your RY400 garments after activity. They're scientifically proven to make the body recover better – reducing tenderness and delayed onset muscle soreness by delivering more oxygen to your resting muscles.

We recommend you wear your RY400 long tights for at least 3 hours to get the best results. Our 400 fit guarantees maximum comfort, so you can even wear them while you sleep to speed up your body's natural recovery process.

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Not happy with these at all stitching had come loose in a couple of places I have bought a few pairs of various SKINS but these I’m not happy with at all disappointing actually




I’m training for my marathon. This pair is perfect after an early morning run. I wear them under my pants or long skirt, keep me warm in winter and still look good. Love them!




Not as good as previous! Few years ago I had a great pair for after netball! Worked a treat and literally lasted about 2-3years!
Due to an ongoing calf injury, needed a good pair of compression leggings. After searching high and low, the read up on these seemed the best by far.
Unfortunately, material is very thin. Limited (if any!!) compression, and very thin material which are definitely see-through on the bum!. (Would never usually leave a review but I judged my purchase of them - and was gutted at the quality).
Can’t help but feel I would have got a lot more benefit out of a smaller size of regular (and cheaper) gym leggings. At the £90 mark - very disappointed...
Not compression or recovery leggings.
Soft, thin and breathable material, so for very light exercise I think they would be fine?! Sorry...

Sarah Muench



I have used SKINS for years, and I just bought this new pair. They arrived just in time for a stage race (cycling). It was a hard three-day event, and I used them after races. I definitely think it helped my performance, especially on Day 3 when I had tired legs! If you race and feel like your legs are trashed on Day 2, give these a try - they definitely take the edge off!




This is the best product for recovery. I wear these tights after tennis and during flight. I feel rejuvenated every time I have them on!! I wear other Skins products for tennis.

Sandra Schmid



Einfach super für eine gute Regenration! Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen!




LOVE these tights! The fabric is so light, shiny, soft and smooth it's like there's nothing there...except compression, of course. I was expecting higher compressive forces (like actual compression socks) and this was not the case which allowed for plenty of freedom of movement. These tights are great to wear for recovery while sleeping, light and breathable so can be worn beneath work clothes (such as when flying or at work) or running errands.
These breath and disperse body heat well so they can be worn during warmer temperatures or as under layers.
I've been wearing them for about 5 months now. Five stars!!

Alexandra Michel



***** - Einfach das Beste zur Erholung von müden, angespannten Beinen, und hilft auch vorbeugend bei Wadenkrämpfen! - 5 Sterne!

Mandy Urquhart



I know the tights I have bought previously have always been extra tight initially, but first time on with these new ones and a friend politely told me they were pretty see-through on the bum!!

Vincent Venuti



Gift for a friend, she wears them always. The tights help her after training.

Leah Collins



Absolutely swear by these tights. I have 3 pairs. My first pair has lasted me these past 2 years. The fit is great, auper comfy, a bit stretchy so if youre looking for compression at a decent price I suggest the A400 starlight tights. I wear these running they stay in place don't ride down. Great tights! If you run OCRS great for those too! 

Bruce Bennett



Wife has not taken these off for 3 weeks recovering from car crash. Have been a huge relief to massive bruising and swelling. Great service and great product. Thanks. 

sian Clement



Good product, but they seem to have stretched with use (either that or I've shrunk!)

heather whitaker



Ok but i feel no difference in compression compared to the cheaper DNA ones i bought so would not buy again

Nathalie Portier



I use it as pyjama's after Paris'marathon, I think it helps to recover...

Emma Tattersall



Great tights but nothing really different to the exercise ones.

Mireia Romeo



I followed the table you have on your website to choose size and although the tights are fine on my legs they are too tight on my waist/abdomen.

Jan Morgans



They have definitely helped my legs from being so painful,for which I am grateful.

Jennifer Williams



I bought these to improve my recovery after outdoor netball matches and they are truly excellent. They are very tight, true compression wear but really comfortable and moveable. They wick away sweat, no nasty patches, and stay in place throughout an hour of play and another hour of umpiring.  My muscles recovered well and I was ready to play again the next night. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Worth every penny.

Antonio Sfuncia



una soluzione ai dolori dopo l'allenamento 

Jonni Hill



I've had these tights for over 2 years now and I still love them! I've also had vascular surgery on my right calf so these feel exceptional for me and were perfect for my recovery and continued use.

Anna Fitzsimmons Pope



I disagree with Gina's review below. I am 170cm and 60kg. Based on Gina's comments, I bought size Small (h) but these were definitely too big. I then bought size xs (h) and these fit just right? So i would recommend going with the manufacturers sizing. The tights are great and i would recommend them. 




I am UK size 8 and 52kg size, I initially bought online and the chart indicated I was well within the XS range but the waistband really cut into me and was tightest right on the widest part of my hips. I went to a running shop and tried on A200 and A400 sizes. I found that the A200 come up higher on the body and the small size in those worked much better for me.I bought those and am very happy with them. The staff at the shop told me that in their experience the sizing chart was too severe. I've given stars to reflect the fit of the recovery range because I couldn't keep them on long enough to test whether they worked, they were so uncomfortable on the waist. The A200 that I bought are fine.




I've always wanted to try the SKINS brand, and now that I'm back competing after being injured for half the year, I needed to find a brand I could rely on to help with my recovery which in turns aids in getting me to the top. The RY400 Compression long tights, have been the best purchase I've done to help me achieve maximum recovery, they are the first thing I put on straight after my long run, and often I've slept in them. I'm sold. The only compression brand I'm using now is SKINS.




I love these recovery skins. I was a bit sceptical about whether or not they would do anything more than my A200s but they most definitely do prevent next day muscle soreness. I wore them after running one night for a few hours then the next day I was wondering why my stretches at the gym werent as sore as they normally are. Of course it was due to my Skins. Now I wear them all the time. if Skins could make some thermal ones for these cold winter nights. I had no concerns with the waistband.
My only complaint is that they are see through - you can see your underwear through them which means I can't wear them in public unless I'm wearing a long top




I LOVE these! I wear the A200s for running in and then use these post run and even to sleep in. They reduce the fatigue and DOMS and the looser waistband make them comfortable for all day (or night) wear. Worth every cent.

Trish Young



...but. I've taken off 2 stars for the hideous colour. I thought graphite was black, not the dreadful gray that was only worn by grandmothers a hundred years ago.
I wouldn't be seen outside in these. They are so awful.
I wanted to wear them under a skirt on my flight to Paris. No way.




I started running a few months ago and recently increased runs to 12-15kms. (I'm no marathon runner yet, I'm running to loose a few kilos) Before I got my new skins recovery tights I had muscle soreness mainly in calfs after a run. Now I wear them after a run or to bed and my recovery time has dramatically reduced! I used to wear my normal A400 3/4 pair of skins to bed for recovery but these have taken things to a new level! I want more pairs so I can wear them everywhere, they are that comfortable! I'm now good to go the next day after a run and I'm impressed. I wish I had these years ago! Highly recommend these beauties to anyone doing any form of sport! Thanks Skins for a great product :)




I love the fabric and love how they feel from the hip down however they are really loose in the waist. I used the size chart and bought a small (and own another small in a different style) but I have to pull them up quite a bit. I think they are just too loose at the waist. Great for sleeping in though!!!




I've been training for my first back-to-back marathons (2 in 2 days). I'm running more miles each week than ever before, and have had more aches than ever before. I've been sleeping in these every night and I wake up ready to go do my next training run. I'm definitely getting my money's worth.




I am in no way an athlete but I have always suffered from restless legs syndrome and spider veins on my legs. After being told to invest in compression tights, I came across these and haven't looked back! I wear them to bed every night and on long distance flights due to a family history of vein collapse and they are amazing! I can sleep through the night, my legs don't swell on flights and those gross little spider veins disappeared! Since seeing the great affect on me, my mum has invested in a few pairs for my grandfather to help recover from his vein collapse surgery, he loves wearing them over the hospital provided ones!




These are great and are helping my legs recover overnight, as I wear them to bed. However, they seem to have stretched out in the waist and slide down my thighs through out the night.




I've worn skins products for a number of years and recently upgraded my old x
Unisex recovery tights for the womens ry400. I am a regular runner and traveller and can't rate them highly enough. These tights provide you with a quick recovery. I wear them religiously after a long run and also on long haul flights overseas.

It's worth investing in your legs......5 stars from me.




I like these tights for recovery because the fabric has a nice feel and isn't too hot. My only complaint is the waist band. It doesn't tend to stay up very well, and I think a more robust band would help with wearing the tights throughout the day.




I ran a half marathon in the morning and flew 12+ hours that evening. The soreness and swelling was minimized dramatically, allowing for a quick recovery. I will definitely wear these after all the races I run, not just those that I'm traveling after. I highly recommend these tights.

Antonia Brown



I'm training for the Boston 2 Big Sur challenge in April. I had scheduled the 26.2 w/Donna marathon a year in advance, and it fell right in the middle of my schedule. I contemplated running the 1/2 marathon, but was having too much fun at the turn-around. I opted to run the full marathon and hope I didn't lose too much time to recovery. I finished the marathon, got home and donned my Skins RY 400 tights through to the following morning. I was back on my training schedule two days later. I'd highly recommend these recovery tights - they work!




As a masters-level netball player, I'm looking for anything that means I can keep playing for as long as possible, and have been very happy with these tights. The next day soreness is reduced to next to nothing and I even sleep more comfortably at night after a full day. I'd recommend these tights without hesitation.




As a gym owner and compete in olympic weightlifting at the national level. I need to be able to train hard and still provide my clients with quality instruction and demonstrations. When worn overnight after a tough squat day the DECREASE muscle soreness the next day and two days later is remarkable. The RY400 tights allow me to train hard and play hard the very next day without hesitation. I no longer need to take in prompt to rest days to recover. Highly recommend.




Im not a hard core athlete just your average girl who goes to gym every week. So when I found out I was going to go skiing in Whistler I knew I needed something for recovery otherwise I would be the girl complaining the next day that my legs hurt so much and not be able to spend the whole day on the mountain. So at first i was a bit reluctant to pay over $160 for a peice of sportswear but it has the best investment I've ever made. When you put them on they literally feel like a second skin, (hence the name). They hold you tight and firm which actually makes your legs feel good pretty much instantly. I used them on my flights to and from Canada and they reduced my fluid retention significantly which was great becuase usually i walk off the plane with both my ankles and calves quite swollen. However the best results i found was when I wore them to bed after my first long day on the slopes. The next morning my legs definitley felt stronger from the workout but I didn't have any signs of soreness or fatigue in my muscles at all. It was fantastic. Now that I'm back in Australia I just use them after a hard gym session or after long days at work or long family outings in Sydney. It just makes a huge difference. It saves you time from stretching for hours or using heat packs to make your muscles feel good. Highly recommend this product to anyone :)

Mel G



Apres une bonne journée de ski ou après plusieurs journées consécutives de sport, je porte ce produit pendant la nuit ou en journée sous mes vêtements et l'effet est incroyable. Je ressens vraiment les bienfaits de la récupération. Merci SKINS!




My pair of skins just came in the mail yesterday. I have them on now and they are amazing. Really good for recovery. Im a swimmer, so I'm quite sore a lot of the time, but they help me recover so much quicker. The fit is perfect and they are really warm. Great product :)




Got these on the recommendation of some fellow cyclists. Was dubious about how much difference they would make, espec as they are quick expensive but have to say i love them! Put them on after a long day in the saddle and sleep in them and have no pain the next day at all. Gone are the days of aches and pains for two days after a ride. Now considering buying skins cycling gear as well.




Just got a pair yesterday and have already worn them to bed and after a long row. Very excited to gain the benefits of these perfectly fitted skins, also a fan of the slightly looser waist band than the active for comfort!




I bought these and don't know how I managed without them now. I wear them after long bike rides and runs and sometimes sleep in them and the effect on my legs recovery is really noticeable. They're also really snug for after cold training sessions :-) My only complaint is that they do slip down a bit so need pulling up every now and then.




Very disappointed with the fit of these...they fit the whole leg very well but the waistband is HUGE! So they always FALL down :( I ordered the "A" fit by the way,....didn't have a prob with the exact same size in the "She" range! The difference in waistband size is about 15cm! Even though they're ment to be the same size!????

Marathon Runner



On advice of many, I bought the recovery tights to wear after a marathon - these were amazing - I wore them for several hours immediately after the race and felt zero muscle soreness following the race. They are pricey, but well worth it!
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