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If you're not keen on being seen clad head-to-toe in tight fitting cycle wear, slip this semi-fitted jersey over a C400 compression baselayer to benefit from synchronized breathability and moisture management.

Cut and shaped based on 400 key fitting points, the C400 men's long sleeve jersey fits well across your arms, torso and back while in a drop down cycling position.

It has a unique soft feel, with taped and bonded hems all around, and features the latest lightweight fabric technology to help maintain optimal temperature.

Three rear pockets and a zippered side pocket provide plenty of space for your energy bars, keys and mobile.

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If you like your cycling and you after preformance,this will give you the edge.i love them and never want to be without them again.




a very very good riding bib short/ comfort in the saddle and on the legs top gear.

Fabric Technology


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