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Is something missing from your wardrobe and training equipment?

Our three quarter tights with coldblack® are the missing piece to the puzzle and are the perfect garment to accompany you during your outdoor summer activities.

Our Coldblack® reduces the absorption of the sun's rays meaning the that fabric heats up less and allows you to stay cooler by up to 5°C

How? Coldblack® implements a technology that reflects the sun's rays to reduce heat absorption which results in optimum heat management.

In addition our coldblack® three quarter tights also have dynamic gradient compression to allow for more oxygen to your blood during exercise and Memory MX fabric to maximise your stability and minimise muscle vibration. Now you have the perfect pair of tights to help you achieve your personal best while staying cool and looking good in the process

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Jenny Steer



Really comfortable skins, great service.
If you are small in the waist then go a size smaller as they are not tight around the waist area.

Compression Benefits

Functional Design

Fabric Technology


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