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Are you looking for something short and slick that still packs the necessary compression to support your glutes? Our SKINS A400 Womens Shorts have been designed to improve your performance while keeping you comfortable in the process.

You want technology? Our ADAPTIVE Technology keeps you feeling warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot while our dynamic gradient compression helps increase circulation and get more oxygen to your hard working muscles. The result? Better performance and a reduced chance of injury!

You want comfort? We've widened our waistband and lowered the rise so that our A400 Women's Shorts sit perfectly on your hips for maximum comfort. In addition, our A-Seams are up to 30% stronger than standard stitching as well as being more comfortable and more durable.

You wanna be seen? Our 360-degree reflectivity ensures that you are seen in low light conditions allowing you to get those early morning and late evening runs in without the stress of other road users not seeing you.

Keen for a run and not sure what to do with your house keys? Don't worry we've added a new easily accessible waistband pocket. That's right, we're always thinking.

Combine these shorts with any of the women's A400 tops for your ideal running and fitness set!

  1. Innovative ADAPTIVE Technology keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot
  2. A-Seams for comfort and durability without chafing
  3. 360 degree reflectivity
  4. Lower rise sits comfortably on the hips
  5. Easily accessible waistband pocket
  6. Wider waistband for comfort

Compression Benefits

Functional Design

Fabric Technology


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I recently bought these shorts and have worn them on 2 day running events and long day runs. They really are brilliant! Comfortable and flattering. I love them!

Laura Rückert



Guter Stütz- und Tragekomfort 

Raquel Moreno Gonzalez



Muy buenos !

Sarah Richards



These are great to wear under my ref skirt and help prevent chaffing as they don't ride up like some short tights do.

Paula Canning



This is my 4th pair of skins running shorts. Comfortable offering compression in all the right places and great for racing over any distance. 

Sarah Fisher



A must for any serious runner.  Provides extra support around the stomach, hips and thighs. Size wise, I was right on the line between XS and S so ordered both.  After much deliberation, I went for the XS but it just depends on how long you want them on the legs, how high you want them on the waist and how tight you want them! They do stretch and can be adjusted as you run into the perfect position!  Very happy with the product. 

Margaret Cowan



The shorts are OK but the band seems to roll over very easily.

Renata O'Donnell



Excellent compression, keeps the muscles working in active and recovery situations.  I was recovering from injury and wearing these shorts made running so much easier. I would highly recommend them. Only downside is that the waistband has a tendency to roll down when you are not  upright (and doesn't readjust afterwards) which can be uncomfortable and a bit unsightly.

Jrene Rolli



Super Hose, auch die Grösse passt sehr gut.

Kristina Santry



These shorts have enabled me to keep playing tennis despite a hamstring strain. I injured my hamstring 7 months ago and it has been sore since. I tried wrapping it with an ace bandage but the bandage would not stay in place, was difficult to use, and was tedious to wash. The shorts have solved all these problems and look a lot better, too! I can honestly say I am pain free while playing tennis, enabling me to move on the court without the fear of worsening my condition. I have also used the compression shorts while walking hills and have experienced similarly good results. Be sure to follow the sizing guidelines as the shorts must be very snug to perform as designed. Thank you, Skins!!

Martina Marti



Just fantastic! Way the best shorts I've ever had! 

Jeff Hodgson



Can't comment upon these myself, but Skins are the ONLY brand that Mrs H wears - so if she's happy then, I'm happy.

Quick delivery from Skins.




far superior
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