Product Comparison

There are some pretty advanced technologies in SKINS scientifically proven compression garments, so we've created an interactive chart to help you figure out which SKINS range will work best for your needs. For the technologies, features and benefits that need more than a one-line expalnation, click on the question marks for more details.

In a nutshell, our A400 Active range is designed for the active elite and fanatical amateur, those who live in their SKINS for more than 10 hours a week. The new DNAmic and A200 ranges are designed with everyday sports men and women in mind - those who love their team sports or gym sessions, who train or compete for up to 10 hours a week. The RY400 Recovery range is the essential kit to pull on after every training session to help reduce exercise induced muscle damage, so you can get back out there again faster!



Performance enhancers and biomechanical features 

Scientifically proven Dynamic Gradient Compression Technology


Scientifically proven Engineered Gradient Compression Technology


Strategically placed Memory MX panels for biomechanical function


Focused muscle support and stability during activity


Seams positioned for ultimate comfort during recovery


Precision fit based on 3D body scan research data


Comfortable fit based on Body Mass Index (BMI)


Comfort and protection features 

Moisture management wicking

ADAPTIVE Technology to keep you cool when it's hot and warm when it's cool


GLIDER Technology to reduce friction and eliminate chafing


Proven 50+ UV protection in all non-mesh areas

A-Seams that are flat and flexible and eliminate chafing


Flat lock stitching for durability


360 degree reflectivity


Product specifications 

Warp knit fabric construction

Memory MX waistband moves with the body


Jacquard elastic waistband


Soft microfibre waistband


PU bonded hems for comfort and a smooth finish


Silicone gripper on tops to stop them riding up


Stretch airflow mesh for breathability


Integrated key pocket in tights/shorts


Integrated stretch key loop in tights/shorts


Fly front in men's tights for convenience

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