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Welcome 2020 and welcome to the

Updated: Jan 10

There's so many things about 2019 which makes us pleased here at that the year is at an end. So we're looking forward to the new year ahead as we enter the 2020s!

For a start, we've started this blog - somewhat fortuitously - and we're really pleased to do so as we feel so passionately about skin, skincare, and the little and big things we can all do to look after ourselves. (You can read a little more about us and why we're motivated to do this in our About section).

There's nothing wrong with setting big goals for 2020, but we also think it's good to start small by making simple changes that will make you look and feel better. As Paul Kelly sang, From little things, big things grow, so if you can get some small things right, that helps achieve the big goals for 2020 - for example, hello Sydney Marathon!

1. Eat right

Add at least one fruit or vegetable to every meal and your tastebuds will start to shift from wanting (or thinking you need) something sweet. Mix blueberries into your cereal or muesli, add capsicum to your lunch wrap and sneak in an after-dinner sweet with a handful of strawberries.

Remember: Start small. When it comes to changing food habits, don't delete to start with, but add good, colourful food.

2. Sleep right

Tired of being told you look tired? Sleep-deprived skin shows up on your face as dark circles, under-eye bags, dryness and even fine lines and acne breakouts.

Damage done to skin during the day is repaired at night. When you’re at rest, your body goes into detox, repair and recovery mode, cleaning out and recharging from the inside out. That’s why sleep is essential to healthy skin, as well as a healthy body and mind.

If you toss and turn, ingredients like melatonin in can help promote deep, restful sleep. Taken one hour before bedtime, melatonin can help regulate your body’s circadian rhythm to promote more deep, restful sleep. This may be a good way for you to encourage better bedtime habits and rejuvenate your sleep because no-one wants to look and feel sleep deprived, moody and totally stressed-out all the time.

3. Treat yourself!

Everybody needs some TLC and sometimes you've got to do it for yourself. A 5-10 minute weekly mask combines downtime with rejuvenation time.

4. Start a skin care routine

A skincare routine can actually save you time in the morning. Things like two-in-one cleansing exfoliators and makeup primers with anti-ageing benefits simplify what's good for you without skimping on results.

Multi-action products can shave minutes off your morning routine, giving you more time to do things like getting the kids off to school.

5. Write it all down

This might sound like something a teacher would tell you in a writing class, but actually making a note of your resolutions and achievements helps in staying motivated.

Whether big or small, keeping a record - whether in a beautiful notebook, the notes function of your device, or on a webpage of your own, helps you see your progress, and will probably inspire new goals!

Good luck! And all the best for a happy, healthy and fun-filled 2020 to you and yours!


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