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Popular for a reason - Moroccan/Argan Oil

Our final oil that we're going to write about in this little series is perhaps one of the best known, or at least 'on trend' at the moment: Moroccan or Argan Oil.

Argan is a tree, found in - you guessed it - Morocco. The oil is a rich gold colour with a nutty smell that is popular in a wide range of haircare and skincare products.

Like many of the other oils we've liked at, it has an anti-inflammatory property because of linoleic acid and tocopherol which is a form of Vitamin E more prevalent in Argan oil than most other oils.

The effect of this is to make Argan oil great for soothing sore skin whether it be inflamed, or because of conditions such as acme, psoriasis, sunburn, bites and even stretch marks! We can guarantee this in respect of psoriasis: one of our co-workers gets psoriasis in her scalp. A liberal dose of applying Argan oil about 30 minutes before washing and treating her scalp immediately stopped the itching, and after two washes, completely cleared-up a bad dose of it.

For anyone who's already used it in their hair or skin, you'll know it feels delicious and can be used as a cleanser as well as for hydration.

One of the pointers we have noticed is that it's best to buy pure Argan oil because added, synthetic ingredients will reduce its effectiveness. Also, make sure it's recommended for haircare or skincare use and not some other use (eg. cooking).

A good argan oil has a nice amber hue, applies smoothly (it should not feel gritty), and absorbs easily.

If you haven't tried it, do so and enjoy it!

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