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Pomegranate oil benefits

More food goodness today. We've checked out pomegranate oil.

We don't know about you, but we just love, love, love pomegranate in cooking. We have this fantastic recipe from Karen Martini with trout, chat potatoes, walnuts, yoghurt, a few other magical goodies topped off with pomegranate and it is just - WOW! But we digress!

Here's what we've found out about pomegranate oil for your skin.

First, a word of caution if you're pregnant or trying to conceive - the jury is out on whether you should use it. While it is traditionally seen as a symbol of health and fertility, some producers of pomegranate oil for skin recommend that you do not use it if pregnant or conceiving until there are conclusive studies establishing that there is no risk of injury or loss. It's important to note also that there are no studies suggesting this.

But for everyone else, this little seed is packed with goodness in its oil form.

In terms of nutritional value, pomegranate fruit is unrivalled, containing protein, folate, potassium, and a set of powerful plant compounds with medicinal properties.

It boosts collagen production, fights damage to the skin from sunspots, inflammation and wrinkles, actually can help reverse skin damage because of its multiple antioxidant and omega 5 properties. For this reason, it's particularly good for people with psoriasis or eczema as it relieves discomfort from these conditions and helps speed-up healing.

It's also good for hair with pomegranate oil helping to hydrate damaged or dull hair, stimulate the scalp, eliminate dandruff and prevent damage to the hair follicles.

The oil is thick compared with many others, but it absorbs well and doesn't leave a residue. Most oils are best used when combined with water because oil can't work as well without proper absorption.

It is also best not to leave it on the shelf for too long unused, so if you've received a sample pack - try it!

If you want glowing, smoother skin, and help in reducing inflammation or damage, give pomegranate oil a try.

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