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Pilates rediscovered

What have you been doing to exercise during the coronavirus shutdown?

I'd like to say I've hit the running track and have a new lease on life, but that's not quite true as I'm not much of a runner. But what I have been doing is checking out some old Pilates DVDs (yes, we still have a DVD player at our house!) as well as looking for Pilates classes online ... and I'm loving my rediscovery of it. This is in addition to the the dog-walking and child-walking/cycling each day.

It doesn't really matter how 'athletic' or fit you are; your size or shape; everyone can do Pilates at their own level and their own pace.

You can also do it easily at home and grabbing 20 minutes while you're not home-schooling the kids (please, please give us a break soon!) just makes you feel soooooo good. You don't really need equipment, although you can add things in such as a stability ball, bands and rollers if you want to.

The official stuff? If you do a proper, supervised session - such as via the old DVDs or an online class - you get a full body workout which will help reduce stress, help build your core abdominal and back muscles and it really increases your flexibility. I've noticed the difference in myself from doing about 20-minute programs at least two times a week (but no more than three) since we've been in shutdown.

I don't know about where you live, but where I live, we'll soon be easing some of the restrictions. But whatever happens, whenever we're back to 'normal', I'm going to try really, really hard to keep this going. That's how good I feel!

Try it yourself.


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