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Caring for your skin in shutdown

How's your skin feeling?

One of the things I noticed during shutdown, is that it felt drier than usual. That was particularly the case with my hands which, of course, we're all washing more often and for longer.

It's really important in the current times to ensure you keep up a good skincare routine - cleanse and moisturise as a minimum. I've also been using a gentle facial scrub twice a week to help get rid of any surface bacteria as well as general pore congestion. I also have face mask which I generally rarely use due to lack of time, but with so much outdoor exercise with the children and dog, I've been trying to apply it once a week.

I am not going to recommend a particular product, but try to find one that has a good proportion of Vitamin B in it.

Any leftover product that is on my hands after I've used it on my face, I smooth into my hands. You can never have too much moisturiser on your hands at any time, but especially at the moment with all that washing and sanitising!

If you're wearing a protective mask at all - which is advised on public transport - you might notice

congestion and breakouts around the nose and chin. This is because wearing a mast contributes to reducing the skin’s natural processes, such as absorption of water and removal of excess oil and skin toxins.

The humid environment created by the mask is also a breeding ground for bad bacteria because when you perspire under the mask, it is not able to evaporate off the skin naturally. If you are wearing a mask, make sure you get one that is made from material as kind as possible to your skin also.

Now that we're slowly getting back to the general swing of things - school, work, sport - all of our household has personal sanitiser with us at all times. We also have one in the centre console of the car. It's just as important as having your mobile phone with you (joke).

I've noticed how often I touch surfaces that others have touched in my normal routine outside of home - the shop door, the lift button, ATMs, petrol pumps and more. When you've been out-and-about, make sure you use your personal hand sanitiser before and after you've done things. I have bought in bulk for our household - I am not panic-buying, by any means, but I found you can buy packs of 10 with 99.9% effectiveness for far less than buying a few individually.

Once you are back at home, there is less of a need to sanitise hands. But don't forget to wash your hands once and then go about your normal activity. This is a really important prophylactic activity to adhere to. Washing for at least 20 seconds to make sure your hands are properly cleansed and do not touch your face until you do!

Finally, make sure you get a bit of sunshine when you can. 15 minutes of early morning sun will provide vital vitamin D for your skin - and also lift your spirits.



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