Benefits & Features

The SKINS TRI400 Sleeveless Suit with Front Zip is a game changer for triathletes. With quick-dry Silmy fabric to have you gliding through the water like a mermaid, a slim profile Elastic Interface Technology chamois for a comfortable ride and carbon infused inner leg panels for reduced friction on the run, this feature packed suit is one of a kind. 

Benefits Include

  1. Dynamic Gradient Compression ensures compression levels are optimised for activity, providing increased support and driving more oxygen to your muscles for better performance
  2. Elastic Interface® Triathlon Chamois for high density comfort with a slim profile
  3. Quick-dry, Silmy panelling for improved fluid dynamics and reduced drag in the water
  4. Carbon infused inside leg panels for up to 40% reduced friction on the run
  5. Memory MX spinal panel for maximum lateral movement without restriction
  6. Anatomically shaped for superior fit without bunching
  7. Lined, semi-lock zip with zipper guard to eliminate chafing
  8. 50+ UV protection
  9. Comfortable bonded hems that won't dig in
  10. One storage pocket with bonded flap to eliminate drag during the swim

Built for comfort and performance the SKINS TRI400 Sleeveless Suit will have you transitioning with ease between every leg of your race.

Fiber Content

80% Polyester, 20% Lycra

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