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Higher, faster, further! Don’t leave anything to chance by wearing SKINS Essentials Unisex Calf Tights with Stirrup.

The gradient compression, which increases from the knee to the ankle joint, helps to supply your muscles with sufficient oxygen and to eliminate metabolic waste like lactic acid from your calf muscles. This allows you to profit from the general concept of medical compression, as it has been used in hospitals worldwide for decades, and enables you to improve your sporting performance absolutely legally.But that is not all – by wearing your calf tights for approx. 3 hours after your training session you will reduce muscle soreness as well as recovery time.

And as we know that people wearing SKINS like to train in the evenings or longer than others, the Essential Unisex Calf Tights with Stirrup feature reflective logos to keep you safe and visible in the dark. The tights feature left and right construction for your legs and pay particular attention to the Achilles tendon. The special construction prevents additional pressure on the tendon reducing the risk of injury.  And your calf tights keep your calves cool in the heat and warm in cold conditions. The magic word is: ADAPTIVE Technology – a revolution with regard to modern climate regulation.

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