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Ride harder for longer with SKINS cycle pro men's compression bib ¾ tights. Engineered gradient compression gets your blood circulating to deliver more oxygen to your muscles, so you can conquer more climbs in one day.

The Elastic Interface® Technology Multi-DM chamois gives you:

• freedom of movement in the saddle

• protection for sensitive areas of the male anatomy

• optimum breathability to transport moisture

Cycle pro men's compression bib ¾ tights help to prevent lactic acid build-up and have strategically placed seams which act as anchor points, giving focused support and stability where it's needed. Which means you can push on all day and be ready to go at it again tomorrow.

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These are very comfy. I have both the normal cycle shorts and 3/4 shorts. 5 hour bike rides with no chafing and they keep dry. Highly recommend them to anyone. I've had plenty of cycle shorts and these are the best so far. Just need to see how long they last!




I ordered the black 3/4 pro bibs, however I received the bib in black with yellow stitching. I did not contact skins regarding this error. I have used it and it is very comfortable to use on the bike. Highly recommend and you will not be disappointed with it. Happy cycling.




I have never owned a 3/4 length bib before but this is very comfortable. Sizing chart is accurate. Fits very well and adds a spring to my legs when I cycle. I haven't owned them long enough to comment on durability. Overall, I'm happy with this bib.




Über Umwege bin ich auf die Kompressionsbekleidung aufmerksam geworden und nutze diese zum MTB fahren: perfekter Sitz und verleiht mir mental mehr Power.

Kann ich nur jedem ambitionierten Biker weiterempfehlen!




I have an older pair of full length bib knicks and they where perfect until they eventually wore out. These 3/4 one's live up to the task but are on par with 2xu ones that I also own.
I paid $108 delivered for these & I'm happy with them but would not pay inflated rrp price.

Compression Benefits

Functional Design

Fabric Technology


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