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When you're out on a ride, its not just your legs you put through their paces. Your arms take a beating too.

SKINS cycle essentials compression arm sleeves are based on 400 fit and feature dynamic gradient compression to get more oxygen to your active muscles. Increased circulation also helps prevent lactic acid build-up, while muscle focus helps limit injury risk – so you'll be armed and ready to ride first thing in the morning.

The arm sleeves are designed to fit under SKINS jerseys with elastic grippers to prevent slipping. Wear them for warm up practice or to extend the length of short sleeved tops mid season, then slip the sleeves into your pocket for easy storage.

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Guido Rimann



ausgezeichnetes Produkt. Praktisch zum mitnehmen. Wärmt ideal wenn es noch etwas kälter ist.

John C



it feels cool and comfortable however the grips of the sleeves at the top gives you blisters. The bubble like grips made it even worse as you end up getting many little blisters.

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