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SKINS Men's Coldblack® long tights supercharge your performance naturally, whatever sport you play. As a sun reflector the coldblack® treatment reduces the absorption of the sun's rays meaning that the fabric heats up less and allows you to stay cooler by up to 5°C.

Biomechanically placed Memory MX fabric around the knee, the ITB band and TFL muscle group provide constant, controlled compression and unrestricted movement to help you to avoid the muscle damage that you sustain while at play.

Accompanying our coldblack® technology and Memory MX fabric technology is our famous dynamic gradient compression which helps transport more oxygen to your muscles so you can stay cooler, perform better, and train harder.

Now you have the ultimate tights for outdoor sports in summer conditions.

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Ross Christian



very comfortable and supportive




I bought these to use on my fixie and road bike. Until now I have only used them as a base layer under regular trousers or sweatpants, and I'm quite satisfied with them.

I put them on when I have muscle pain from the previous day/week and they actually make me feel less sore, which is nice since I have to cycle 12km to work every day.

I am 1.76m tall and at 68kg the size S fits my legs perfectly. I do find the fit at the waist very tight, but I've gotten used to that by now.




I did a lot of research on-line before deciding to purchase the Coldblack tights from Skins. They arrived this afternoon and everything about the experience is amazing.

Like a first class product should, these arrived in a very nice package. it screams quality. The information on the package is informative and witty.

The size guide on the website was spot-on and they fit perfectly. I'm no movie star and have the remnants of a spare tyre (I bought these as a reward for losing 10kg) but they make me look like a super hero. The design holds everything in place as it should be (you know what I mean), they are light weight and move exactly as they should. I was wearing Nike running tights and these are an order of magnitude better.

This is an inspirational product. It makes me want to get out and run which, some mornings, can be difficult. I live in the UK so we haven't seen much sun or hot weather yet, so I can't comment on the temperature control feature, but I'll add more in the summer when I know better.

I absolutely recommend this product and I will be back to buy more Skins product very soon!

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