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Run faster, play harder and workout longer whatever your sport. SKINS A400 Men's Compression Long Tights supercharge your performance naturally. Dynamic gradient compression accelerates your blood flow to deliver more oxygen to your active muscles – giving you a secret edge over the competition.

With 400 fit and dynamic gradient compression, you'll notice improved power, as well as less post-exercise muscle soreness.

In addition, bio-mechanically placed Memory MX fabric around the knee, the ITB band and TFL muscle group provide constant, controlled compression and unrestricted movement to help you to avoid the muscle damage that you sustain while at play – but only notice when you cool down.

Fast wicking technology transports moisture away from the skin and helps regulate body temperature and UPF 50+ provides all round protection.

Now you've got yourself a pair of tights to help you perform at your ultimate best.

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Veneto Free



I bought the A400 Men's Compression Long Tights mainly to bike ride in the mild Melbourne winter.
In a shop I tried on the X4U first, then Skins A200, then Skins A400 and I immediately loved the higher compression feel of the last one, $180 was a put off but found it online for $120.
I wasnt sure if it would have keep me warm but I gave it a go and I was immediately surprised how good it was even downhill, no wind on my legs, no cold.

Since the first uses I noticed though the yellow seams are slowly falling apart and considering the price tag of $180 this is really something Skins should work on along with the price.
This last 2 points are the 2 missing star to achieve a 5 star rating.




Best thing ive ever bought for running, sorted my legs out and keep them feeling fresh. I struggle with really tight calves when i run so these are really helping. Definitley notice the difference between normal tights and compression tights. If only i had more money id buy loads more pairs! Also dont have to wash them after every wear, they smell fine after just airing them off after a run.

A K Parkash



Like other reviewers I was a little sceptical about if these A400 long tights would make a difference to my running. Having used the product for around 3 weeks now I can honestly say that running without them is not even something I would consider now. The compression technology is absolutely superb and you can feel the support whether doing short fast runs or doing long distances. I used to find my leg muscles would ache after 10 miles or so and can honestly say since I have used the A400 the aches are much less now. The fit of the product is brilliant and the sizing charts in my view are extremely accurate. I know you could say this is a placebo effect but I feel much stronger, controlled and faster when I wear the A400 skins. Don't even think about it, just buy them!

Stefan Lindqvist



I have 3-4 different types of Skins products and these are the best ones so far. And when I could buy them for 50 euros, the price is for sure right! They are very comfortable and give me the right support while training.

The only bad thing with buying from Skins is the delivery options. They use UPS in Sweden and UPS is by far the worst company. Their service in Sweden is just useless and I always get irritated when I have to do with them here in Sweden. I always hesitate to buy things when I notice that UPS is going to do the delivery!




Won't leave home without them. Great support, nice fit and don't have to wash them straight away - no smell for at three runs. Saving up for a top in new year.




Much better than my old 2xu tights, fits nicer and the seaming is less noticeable. Worth the expense




Hab die A400 vor etwa 2 Wochen gekauft für meinen letzten Halbmarathon. Bin bisher immer in normalen Lauftights gelaufen und wollte mal sehen ob die Kompressionshosen irgendeinen Effekt haben.

Bei den ersten paar moderaten Trainingsläufe war der positive Effekt noch nicht so großartig spürbar, abgesehen vom Kompressionseffekt. Man merkt schon, dass das Blut schneller zirkuliert und die Muskeln besser zusammengehalten werden, weil sie nicht so stark vibrieren während des Laufs.

Beim Halbmarathon, dann mit echter Renngeschwindigkeit war der Effekt schon wesentlich größer. Keine Ermüdungserscheinungen während des Laufes und ich konnte nach der 2. Hälfte sogar noch einiges an Geschwindigkeit drauflegen. Top!

Werd sie auf jeden Fall weiter tragen und über die volle Marathon-Distanz austesten!




Skins A-400 long tight Gave me a Boost of Energy and it was Comfortable!
When I put this Wear on Me,Sometimes i thinked that i have a real New Skin.
I'am Satisfy for the Product,




I use them then running and find them extremely comfortable and they certainly seem to make it easier to run at pace for a longer duration! I would highly recommend these tights

dre dre



Bought and used these for City2Surf 2013, didn't need to wear a knee brace as there was enough compression.
Highly recommend! Cheers!

Ryan Ireland



I use them for CrossFit - I love to WOD or run in in them. They feel tight all around my legs giving me a sense of stability and comfort. They also seem to help with recovery.

VINCENT gaëtan



je l'utilise a chaque sorti en velomobile, en course comme l'entrainement!
c'est un vélo allongé tout fermé par un carénage!
la tenue me permet d’être bien hydrater sans attraper de coup de chaud, même par 40°c cette été, et de rester en forme un peu plus longtemps!
je ne fini pas trempé a l’intérieur de mon velomobile en étant habillé en long des pieds à la tête, hors avant j’étais en court et je finissais tout mouillé!
une super tenue depuis 4 ans, je recommande!




Ich habe diese Woche meine (erste) Laufhose geliefert bekommen und gleich ausprobiert. Es stellte sich ein leicht kühlender Effekt ein und die Hose war angenehm zu tragen. Der Kompressionseffekt war deutlich spürbar und ich hatte auch das Gefühl, langsamer zu ermüden. Am nächstenTag war von meiner Trainingseinheit des Vortages fast nichts zu spüren. Ich bin von dem Teil echt begeistert und werde mir sehr wahrscheinlich für das kommende Jahr noch eine kurze und 3/4-Version zulegen.

Ulrich Otto



Ich habe gestern zum ersten Mal in meinen neuen A400M Mens Long Tights trainiert und war spontan begeistert. Obwohl es noch relativ warm war, stellte sich eine kühlende Wirkung ein und heute fühle ich mich weniger ermüdet als sonst nach solch einer Trainingseinheit. Ich werde mir sicher auch noch eine kurze bzw. 3/4-Version für das kommende Jahr zulegen.




Just bought a pair of these of chain reaction for $92 + $10 postage. Why can I buy these cheaper from the UK when they are meant to be an Australian company. Retailers complain that we are not spending our money in Australia. maybe its time they stop marking products up by 100%+ for something made in china for a few dollars.




they are solid




Big difference with and without my Skins. Absolutely love them and I do ot think there is a placebo effect. I can now play basketball in the morning and soccer in the afternoon and still perform at both!
No more knee issues and for me! I would recommend the A400 though, the older models did not have the same support for the joints.




Gerade wenn das Wetter so lala ist und man doch lieber lang läuft ist die A400 lange Tights mein Begleiter. Man fühlt sich ein bisschen wie Superman und das auch noch bei km 23. Ich trage Sie im Sommer nach dem Training in "Kurz" auch zur Regeneration. Ok ist nicht so comfortabel wie warscheinlich die RY400 aber wirkt!

Hans Kanns



Ich nutze Skins seit mehreren Jahren und bin am Anfang wirklich überrascht gewesen. Zu Begin habe ich mich überwinden müssen, das Geld auszugeben jedoch hat sich die Investition mehr als gelohnt. Die Produkte sitzen einfach hervorragend und weisen so gut wie keine Verschleisserscheinungen auf. Ich nutze verschiedene Skins Produkte für diverse Sportarten (Running, Fussball, Tennis, Ski, Cycle) und habe viele Freunde annimieren können auch diese Produkte zu kaufen. Qualität hat halt seinen Preis.




Idéal pour les sorties intenses ou les longues distances et en plus je peux le mettre été comme hiver!

Vraiment top!




Ich benutzte die lange A400 Hose bereits seit 2 Jahren, vorallem zum Laufen und absolviere auch Halbmarathons damit. Das Material ist hervorragend verarbeitet und ich fühle meine Muskeln supergut verpackt. Das Ding hat seinen Preis, doch jeder Cent hat sich gelohnt und ich bin immer noch zufrieden damit ! Echt ein Hammerprodukt.




Le meilleur collant que j'ai pu utiliser à ce jour, aussi bien pour le trail que le running.
On sent bien la compression se faire, avec une sensation de légèreté pendant la course et moins de douleur après en récupération.

Très résistant, je l'utilise à la fois à l'entrainement et en compétition. Je recommande!




I wear them running, and love the feeling. They allow me to run for longer while having minimal post muscle soreness. My muscles just feel perfectly supported and it probably means less vibration and soreness. Love it! highly recommended!!!

Luke Clifton



Not interested in why they work... went for my usual 10k workout yesterday in these but half way round extended the run to 20k as I was enjoying them so much, running in "barefoot" shoes over mixed ground I felt almost no muscular soreness the following day (unheard of before)...the first 10k I equalled my PB!




pourquoi ne peut on obtenir les tailles style MS tailles proposées faite par le calculateur(en fait tailles intermédiaires)




The Skins A400 running tights are really great, super comfortable, fit is perfect, no chafing during long runs (>20 km) and reduced muscle vibration. This product is way ahead of the competition and sets new standards.

Mikey Mottram



I'm a full time rower and go a pair of these, I was amazed at how much of a difference they made. I really felt far less fatigue in the 2nd half of my longer sessions so can train harder and better over the whole of my sessions! They are great and make a huge difference!!!




Only had these A400 long tights and short sleeve top and already have noticed quite a considerable difference in recovery between sets in the gym, better performance in the lifts, no soreness, and much better recovery between workouts. Brilliant!! One week ago I wouldn't have thought this product could make so much of a difference. Well worth the investment!




While they feel effective at times I still believe it has the placebo effect and not as effective as advertised. However a good positive is that they stop legs rubbing together causing friction. Big negative is the price, only ended up getting skins cause the other cheaper brand was sold out. I think that a price drop would definitely increase sales and demand!




I was a bit sceptical before buying these as I have the previous generation and wondered how or if they could be better. The a400 have a better fit, more comfortable and better performance. I had a calf injury and I've felt great after a running session with minimal soreness afterwards. Subtle changes to fit have improved them from before. Highly recommended




Since getting myself a pair of these last week I have run 10k on the treadmill and 11 miles on the road (1hr 34mins) for the first time ever! The tights really work while running and def improve recovery. I have also worn them to recover after gym/swim sessions and have really felt the difference. I never want to take them off.
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