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Need something shorter than the long tights but still want to support your quads and hammies? Our SKINS A400 Men’s Half Tights have been developed to help improve your performance on the field, in the gym and on the track.

Our A400 Men’s Half Tights are constructed from five different technical fabrics allowing for optimal dynamic gradient compression to your larger leg muscles. They also provide controlled pressure and support to the ITB and TFL muscle groups which are at high risk of injury during running. In short, that means you get better performance with a reduced risk of injury. You’re welcome!

We’ve also added A-Seams for maximum durability without chafing so you can focus on your training drills or run in complete comfort. In addition we’ve included an easily accessible waistband pocket so you can safely and comfortably store a key during your run.

Want to stand out in the dark?  We’ve added 360-degree, premium glass bead reflectivity to make sure you’re seen by other road users in low light conditions.

Give yourself the secret edge by combining these half tights with any A400 top for the ultimate training set.Train harder, perform better and recover faster!

  1. Controlled pressure over ITB and TFL muscle groups
  2. ADAPTIVE Technology keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot
  3. A-Seams for comfort and durability without chafing
  4. 360 degree reflectivity
  5. Easily accessible waistband pocket
  6. Wider waistband and shaped crotch for comfort
  7. Leg length finishes just above the knee to cover the quad muscles

How do you rate this product?




I’ve Had several comp. shorts and these Skins are way the best.nVery tight-fitting .but once I. Get them on they are Ist class. Compression is superb in all the right places.. Mounds to my body and holds everything firmly in place , and boy they really. Look fantastic when wearing themHaving bought them I just gotta get ‘em on and get to the Gym!

Chrisc Scully



speedy delivery great service




The brand name says it all! Feels like a second skin and also really supports the muscles. Feels good and looks good! The best tight I ever bought. One remark: I am in between sizes and I bought the langer size




Its ideal for every runner. It may cost more than the usual but it really helps. Keeps the muscle tight. You avoid injuries and they are not that tight. Very easy to wear them.

Liam Power



Great Skins, my favourite pair yet for playing football. Extremely comfy.




A very good product. Well constructed. I think the size chart needs to be improved.
I should have ordered a different size in all my products.








Bit longer than the last pair, loving the change of position of the key pocket, not a fan of the change of waist band though.




Great product. Excellent quality and was quick to arrive too.

Ravi jadhav



This product is just perfect , gives awesome support and fabric is comfortable as well and quality is top notch




They look great on and have excellent compression. The waistband is very constricting even though I purchased the correctly sized product. The A400 cut and materials are top notch, but the front portion of the waistband needs to be designed better so it's not as tight.




Great fit, Good quality product

tony dsley



fantastic compression shorts really has helped me through tough training sessions,would definitely recommend skins to anyone.

Mick Jones



I have 7 other Skins and these just don’t fit right,way too tight,even though all my skins are a medium.




Super Hose.




Perfect shorts for workouts. Aesthetically nicer than the A400 power shorts. They provide less compression, but they are more comfortable.




Awesome! Get the job done and are very comfortable. Highly recommend




Best half thight for runners they also need longer time to use them, especially ultramarathons

Martin Jauner



Genau wie erwartet, gute Kompressionshose.

Giovanni Zita



Perfektes Produkt Design, Farben, Qualität weiter so.

aaron orbeta



Best compression tights in the market

Stephen Brice



First things first....I only weat skins half tights as  no other make comes close. However this latest pair have lost there logos in the wash and I am not sure about the new wasteband. My A200 do not roll as they are lower but these A400 are prone to rolling up/down slightly after wearing for a while. I cycle a lot and spin so this can happen. Overall better than othets still but the logo things is disappointing.




I'm a rugby's player and these half tights are perfect !!

Phil Newport



Getting used to new style, but they do the best job on the market

Mathias Roll



Sehr gute Muskelkompression. Ich trage die Short zum Laufen und muss sagen, ich habe noch keine bessere gefunden. Sitzt perfekt und transportiert den Schweiß schnell von der Haut ab.

Darren Willett



Perfect fit, another quality item from Skins . It is superbly made . Thanks Skins

Arne Reusch



nice tight fit, would love if they are a little longer...

Jason MacCartie



Yep did a 8 hour  adventure race

Claude Janz



Nettement plus confortable à porter que le A200 (Ceinture de la taille)

Darren Smith



very good product and does the job exceptionally well, the only reason for not giving 5* is that some of the stitching has come undone and causing issues on wear

Manuel Achermann



Produkte sind gut, schade dass sie so teuer sind...

Jan Grundfeld



Hose sitzt sehr gut, Tasche im hinteren Bundabschnitt ist auch groß genug für ein Handy. Einziges Manko, der Bund vorne hat sich nach drei mal tragen nach unten gekrempelt und lässt sich trotz waschen nicht zurück formen.  Stört aber nicht weiter. 




Cuissard parfait, bonne tenue et confortable.

Alexander Zimmermann



Sitzt Perfekt, Qualität TOP !!!! Zufrieden auf 100%

Frédéric Fourié



Very well designed. Outstanding product! I recommend

Robert Fey



Really great stuff! Perfect for long jog ;-)

Gareth Williams



I cannot wear these for any length of time. I hoped they would stretch with use / become more flexible  - there is no pouch for men

Kurt Egger



Getestet im Rahmen eines Ultramarathons von 50km.  Ergebnis: Sehr gut 

Jeff MacBeth



These are great. I will never train without them.

Kamila Mondočková



good choice for hard train,  think to try more of them

justin cox



I have tried many many dif brands of compression shorts. Active with hiking and climbing and the Skins A400 are the very best I have had. Firm-tight control and holds everything where it should be. Air vent in the lower section really helps.

Russell North



Very good. Tight, comfortable and well made. 

Andrew Martin



I have always used A200 in the past and couldn't pass up the chance to try A400 especially when they where in the sale. I have to say fantastic, they are tight but boy do they do the job 10/10 for me  

Markus Einolf



Super Passform und gute Performance!

James Mann



Bought them for my 17yr old son, a sprinter who had hamstring problems last season. First time he wore them, he recorded a PB in the 100m!

Marc Gosling



Tights material has already started to bobble after 2 wears

peter morrell



Pretty disappointed with these. I'm a competitive cyclist and have a number of skins items that I use during training ( tights, bib shorts, arm warmers ) all of which I've found really good and long lasting. However I haven't felt any benefit from these  shorts, perhaps my expectations were too high after reading the promo write ups. Ive worn them under my team kit for the last few races, he waste is very tight, backache tight (!) but support around the thighs seems very minimal, and I've got quite big thighs. Would I recommend these? Simply NO I wouldn't, no real benefit, the fit is poor and they were very expensive. 

Thomas Ewing



A bit tight around the waist but perfect otherwise.

Vanni Ermacora



Comme toujours, irréprochable et confortable !

Simon Alexander



Excellent product that I have complete confidence in




Un confort que je n'avais encore jamais rencontré sur un cuissard jusque là, le matériau est de qualité et ça se ressent autant au toucher que dans la compression. J'aime également beaucoup le design de mon modèle (Gold)!

Ian Timbrell



Perfect fit. Very comfortable. Washes well. Good value. 

Pierre Fontaine



Top, déjà le deuxième et toujours aussi bon produit 

Rohde Nielsen A/S Att.: Ole Kristensen



Perfect tights for sports, Training or Match. Fits perfect and give super support for muscles and hips. I use them everytime I do sports.

olan jones



Excellent product. Highly recommend to others. My first pair of half tights. 

Alex Hazel



The A400 replaced new A200 which was kindly done by Skins under warranty.  The compression part of the tights are still fine but the waste band is ridiculously tight. He says they give him a stomach ache (and he has a flat stomach).There is no give in it at all. I have to go and buy another pair and he has hardly grown.  

Boris Murer



Super produit, bien terminé et efficace

chris needham



A week skiing while wearing these compression shorts, skiing between 40-50km and 12k-15k vertical feet a day.. and no lactic acid build up whatsoever (I'm not very fit)! At no point on the trip did i wake up feeling like my legs were full of lead, no stiffness at all.. absolutely love them.  I will be buying another pair of the shorts and a long sleeved top as my recovery time after exercise with these is just amazing.




Best compression short ever. Really comfortable, high quality. I really feel helped while wearing them.

Alden Yap



really good fit and compression. this new product is slightly more see through at the front than the previous model though. otherwise an excellent buy.

Niall Skinner



I've torn my hamstrings a few times and this allows me to continue playing rugby with the confidence to sprint and run at 100% without the fear of my hammys going again! Very comfortable too!

Mark Hardy



I've never owned any pair of compression shorts, so unable to compare. These are pretty good for first thoughts, though the first time i pulled them on, I broke some stitching. I also thought they were made in Australia, not Thailand. 

Rudy Alleyn



Très bonne qualité et bonne compression musculaire. Plus de crampe!

Aaron Piper



Wore them once and got a hole in them bout 20mm long. Very dissapointed

Christian Kleiner



I wanted to rate the top with 5 stars. The computer didn`t work like I want...




I play competitive soccer. I have tried MANY different compression shorts and the Skins products are clearly the best.

Patrick Wells



I have always liked your products, but SKINS continues to impress and improve upon their products. Great product, fit amazing, very comfortable to wear all day and do multiple workouts in.




These really do everything that they say they do and more. The fit is very snug around every muscle group, in a tailored way. Excellent job, SKINS!




Sehr gute Laufhose für warmes Wetter, gute Kompressionswirkung an den Oberschenkeln und trotzdem absolute Bewegungsfreiheit, spannt nirgendwo und bleibt sitzen, wo sie sitzen soll. Voll empfehlenswert.




...and that is the sign of any good pair of skins ;)

It is very comfortable and smooth. Feels great to wear




Brilliant. Quality so much better and substantial than my old ones. Really do the job as advertised..

Bree Sargent



Got those for a friend as a present and he loved them, well worth it!




Brilliant stuff




A peine réceptionné et la première course est lancée. Une période d'adaptation à la compression est nécessaire (30 mn) mais n'est pas désagréable. Au bout d'une heure de course, on ressent réellement l'effet sur l'oxygénation des muscles. Très appréciable également le fait d'avoir chaud mais d'être tenu au frais. Pour moi, il n'y a plus d'autre équipement à tester. Cette gamme est vraiment faite pour moi. Partant pour faire partie des testeurs de la marque :-)




Just bought a pair of A400 and it's A-W-E-S-M-O-E !!! Much more comfortable then 2XU. The only drawback is the top part of rubber inside the waistband tends to be moving around. Should have sew the top part of the rubber as well and lastly, it's a bit too pricey. Or else, it deserve a 5-star.




I had some A200 shorts and thought that these sounded better because they are termed as half tights. It even says 'Leg length finishes just above the knee to cover the quad muscles'

Now I am not sure if the person in the pictures has very short legs but in my case the medium finishes much higher especially when I exercise, it then rides up the leg so the lower part of the quad is not covered. I am 6" 2' and it does say the medium sizing can go well over 6" 5'. SO not quite sure what is going on with them but the described and shown length for me is untrue.

On the plus side I can feel the compression, they do sit well but the length just is not what I expected and I did want to look after the lower ITB and quad.




F***K yes these are awesome!
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