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SKINS have got your back in the DNAmic Youth Short Sleeve Top. Purposely built for growing young athletes, the DNAmic Youth Short Sleeve Top wraps and supports the core, back shoulders and biceps to stabilise muscles helping to reduce fatigue and increase power. DNAmic Youth Short Sleeve Tops are designed to fit unseen under most team sports kit, so your kids can get all the benefits of compression without breaking any uniform rules.

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This is a purchase we made as a result of being extremely happy with our previous Skins short sleeve top and shorts. My kids are both doing winter athletics training and have found Skins to be comfortable and effective.
I would most definitely recommend the DNAmic range in particular.
Brilliant. You'll need to wash them after every session (especially for the 'commando' wearers but they are well made and laugh in the face of 40 degrees and a fast spin cycle.
Bung them on a radiator and you're good to go again.

Danielle Missos



Great fit, my son loves wearing these

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