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The engineered gradient compression in SKINS Essentials calf tights with stirrup gets more oxygen to your muscles for improved performance when training and competing in any impact sport.

They also help reduce the risk of injury by supporting your calf, providing more control over involuntary muscle movement and vibration.

The stirrup under the heel keeps the garment perfectly positioned, while the anatomic left and right cut ensures a comfortable fit – making them suitable to wear during post-exercise recovery and on long-haul flights.

Fast wicking technology transports moisture away from the skin and helps regulate your temperature, while UPF 50+ provides all round sun protection.

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Steven Moore



Did not sit well around the ankles. Stirrup constantly moves or slips off.

Angela Tilialo



Very good fast post n looking forward to making more orders  Cheers 

Nick Bohning



Injured my calf running. Skins have helped with my recovery

Natalie Pritchard



They feel great, very sleek, and are very comfortable but they don't seem tight enough.

Fiona Moxham



My son who plays Representative Basketball had been experiencing  calf problems, since purchasing the skins not only has his calf issues  Subsided they are aiding him not to do further damage.  Highly recommend . Especially with growing teenage boys doing  A lot of physical exercise :) 

Claire Chevalier



These made such a difference to my run; no calf pain at all! I have found that the stirrups don't stay under my foot over my socks and under rub uncomfortably, but such a minor thing for the gains!

Joseph McGinley



Calf tights helped me with my ongoing calf injury recovery.

Roger Januszke



Comfortable, with good support and helpful when walking.

Gabriella Smith



I got these because I suffer from shin splints. I've noticed some serious differences. I still need to watch my gait, wear good shoes, and regularly massage, but these prevent any pain whilst running, which I was previously experiencing. I am really pleased 

Jamie Begnell



Hitting 50 very soon, big help with standing at work for long periods.

steven meek



the word compression is used lightly here. I do allot of running and for a guy over 40 I need the support. these socks offer very little support for running or recovery. I bought them on special so im happy I didn't pay full price for them. the 2XU socks are way better material and support. I will now look at this brand before considering SKINS again.

Geoff Neill



Excellent support and excellent value direct from Skins

Amanda Dunger



Best addition to my football (soccer) ensemble.

Thomas Pratt



Bit sceptical after trying everything for over two months to fix a torn calf muscle whilst desperate to train for a 10K. Amazingly, ran 5k the day after receiving them and not even a twinge! The only time I have pain is when I'm walking without them on so they work!

Junia Bassham



Size guide was wrong, very disappointed product seems ok

Brooke Emerton



I measured myself according to the websites specifications yet I do not believe these calf tight fit properly. I wasn't closer to another size either so fearful to go down to a small as it may compress to much so I am left with these tights which i won't be wearing which is a shame.

David Fecko



Good material and size little problem with delivery

Elouise Hemming



Just purchased these and was very excited... the fabric is extremely cheap with little to no compression.. loose stitching and some parts coming off.. not worth the price tag and will be returning immediately. Buyer be warned. Im very disappointed with the quality

Michael Ryan Speicher



These are very itchy and the fact that I have to have a minimum of 30 characters for a comment isn't cool




As an amateur footballer who is gradually getting more injuries as I get older, my calfs (especially the left one) have been an issue. After a year of pulling the same calf muscle 3 times and numerous physio sessions these have been immense. The moment I bought these I am able to play football again pain free.

Incidentally my groin has since git tighter when I play so I purchased the short type skins and they have done the trick as well.

Great stuff. Highly recommend.

Jon Wilding



These are excellently manufactured and are perfect to help speed up recovery after running. They are also very comfortable when worn running, if you need to reduce the pain of Shin Splints. I whole heartedly recommend these to anyone. :-)

Paul Heywood



I have suffered for 20 years with calf trouble, and can honestly say these calf socks give me every confidence when I do my walk/ runs.

Mike Gaskins



I was amazed at how comfortable they were from the outset. Just around the house, my legs just went aaaahhh! Then on the bike ride I made it further up Emphysema Hill than ever before I started cross training. And even on the hike a bike, my calves felt great.

Recovery is noticeably faster too. I am not a skeptic any longer...




I bought a pair because as I started to increase the distance of my runs (from 3 miles to 6+) I started to get bad shin splints, but these truly helped and not just during the run. I first wore them just during the day to ease the pain of my shin splints and they were very comforting.
I am a big fan.
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