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Get the support, function, and performance your kid needs. Our SKINS A400 Youth Short Sleeve Top has been designed to allow your little ones to perform even better in maximum comfort.

Our Dynamic Gradient Compression will increase circulation to deliver more oxygen to their active muscles while our flexible, flatter A-Seams are more durable and comfortable and will eliminate chafing - allowing your youngsters to be fully focused on the game or race ahead. In addition, an improved neckline provides further comfort and freedom of movement.

Sometimes training in the evenings is unavoidable – even for kids - that’s why we added 360-degree reflectivity to keep them visible in low light conditions.

Stress less about the weather! Our ADAPTIVE Technology will keep them cool when it’s hot and feeling warm when it’s cool. How? The unique polymer binds moisture in its structure to keep them feeling warm and dry. Then as the body heats up the polymer releases stored moisture to the surface where it can evaporate, helping the body cool down. Pretty cool huh!

Check out the rest of our A400 youth range for the ideal sports compression set for your youngsters.

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