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Blast a dazzling century with the peace of mind that your middle stumps fully defended.

With engineered gradient compression, SKINS A200 Men's White Half Tights with pouch improve circulation in your quads, glutes and hammies, help control your body temperature and increase your power and endurance whatever your sport. Slip your box protector into the strategically placed pouch and know that the crown jewels will be protected no matter whats thrown at you. They also wick away sweat to keep you dry so can push yourself harder and stay out there longer.

Plus, SKINS sport mens half tights with pouch help reduce lactic acid build-up and have strategically placed seams which act as anchor points offering focused support and stability. Which means you can say goodbye to those post-training aches and score more runs again in the morning.

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Mark Laudrum



Just perfect as a running and cycling shory

Wendy Pitkin



My 16 yr old son wears his skins for Rugby league. He had them the season before as well and refuses to buy cheaper versions at the shops. He has never had a injury whilst wearing his skins.

Ray Schuller



For crickey these are perfect. This is the second time I've purchased these, first ones lasted 4 seasons. 




These are great for cricket and for other sports as well I thing what skins said about this product is really good.

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