Robert Young has officially started his epic attempt to run across the North American continent faster than anyone else in history. Just over one week in, and one fifth of the way done, the Marathon Man UK is well on track.

Rob’s Record Run: Week One

Rob didn’t set an official start date for the Fastest Crossing. He had a vague idea of where and when – somewhere between 9 and 14 May from Huntington Beach Pier, CA – and with that in mind, his support crew and campervan were ready and waiting for the big announcement. So they shouldn’t have been too surprised when Rob set off from Huntington Pier at 8pm on Friday the 13th (of all dates!) for an evening jog and didn’t come back. By the time his crew caught up with him, the Marathon Man UK was a couple of hours into his world record attempt.

Just over a week later, Rob is 600-odd miles in, two states down, and well ahead of schedule. He’s clocked an average of 58 miles per day across California and Arizona – not bad considering much that was run through the Mojave Desert. To beat the soaring summer temperatures, he runs the majority of his miles at night and catches up on sleep and meals during the day, and that seems to be working so far. Despite breathing in a cloud of desert sand with every step he takes, Rob says, “I’m feeling fantastic so far. I’m a bit tired, and with each day I can feel myself getting more tired, but I’m covering the miles and that’s keeping me in high spirits.” With the Mojave finally behind him, Rob’s still got 12 states to cross and roughly 35 days left to do it, but thanks to the support of his crew, it’s well within his reach.

Mayday in the Mojave

Behind every successful world-record-breaking attempt is a dedicated support team, and Rob’s crew follows him every step of the way in Frank the Campervan. Most of the time. Despite some miscalculations on the route, a couple of off-road detours and having to be towed out the Mojave sand, Rob’s team have done an incredible job to keep him on track. As much as three friends on a road trip across America sounds like fun, it’s hard work too. But Dusty and Mike have taken Rob’s extraordinary challenge in their stride.

Meet the Marathon Man’s Crew

Over and above Rob’s incredible talent to achieve the impossible with his running, it’s thanks to his crew – friend and copywriter Dustin Brooks and SKINS digital marketer Michael Speicher – that he’s done as well as he has so far. Together, Dustin and Michael share the responsibility of driving the campervan, recording data, taking photographs and videos, and most importantly, keeping Rob fit and healthy by preparing food, drinks and making sure he’s had enough rest and recovery after each day’s mileage. And when you’re driving through the night and early morning at 5 miles per hour, that’s quite a lot to be responsible for.

But they must be doing a good job considering Rob’s only injury so far is getting smacked in the eyebrow by a stray stone that was flicked up by a passing vehicle. The Mojave left him with chapped lips and a little pink on the shoulders but other than that, he’s the same positive Rob he was at the start. (Although he wouldn’t mind a sports massage from anyone other than Dusty and Michael… Any takers?)

For a more detailed breakdown of events, hop onto the Marathon Man UK’s blog written by Dustin, and follow his day-to-day progress on Facebook.

A Word of Thanks

So far, the support both Rob and his crew have received has been astounding and they are all so grateful for the well wishes, the motivational messages, the free meals and the hoots from all the happy cars driving past. From old friends that have joined the journey, even if only for a few miles, to the colourful posters drawn by school children stuck on the back of the RV to spur Rob on as he runs, all the support Rob has received has encouraged him to keep on keeping on.

Want to get involved? Follow the live tracker to see when Rob will be passing through your town and join him for a jog and share your experience on social media using the hashtags #RunwithRob and #TeamSKINS. If you aren’t much of a runner, you can help him raise funds for children in need by donating money to Rob’s chosen charities. Use the donation code RunWithRob on your next SKINS purchase and SKINS will donate 10% of your total spend to his charities.

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