Campaign Update: The News you should be reading

Today we distributed a newspaper with the news we should be reading. These are good news stories that are sadly not based on reality. We have done this to highlight the stark situation of the administration of world football against the principles of SKINS Pure Sport. The newspaper is available and can be downloaded in the following languages here: English, Deutsch, Français and Español

We love Football and we love the World Cup; but not at any cost...

To deliver the 2022 Qatar games, migrant workers are suffering desperate conditions - thousands will die before the first ball has been kicked. The greatest show on earth is being built on the back of countless human rights abuses.

We need to hold those responsible to account. Ultimately that means FIFA and the Sponsors: Football’s governing body and their paymasters. Sponsors and FIFA accept in principle their responsibility. They pledge to uphold basic Human Rights for all workers their business touches. But in reality, they turn a blind eye whilst the death toll rises and the beautiful game turns into something ugly.

Watch our short film and see for yourself.

See the poor conditions of the Qatar Labour Camps below.

FIFA corruption and Sponsor silence is not a victimless crime. More migrant workers will die delivering the World Cup than players will play in it. This must change. We need to speak the only language FIFA understands - money.

Sponsors need to use their billion dollar leverage to make their influence felt. We ask Sponsors to stand up for their own publically-stated principles, publically condemn FIFA inaction on workers’ rights abuses in Qatar, support #NewFIFANow’s campaign reform; and so clean up the Hypocrisy World Cup.

Let’s stop the Hypocrisy World Cup.

Take action and send an email to FIFA's Sponsors now.

Consistent messaging makes all the difference, and with this in mind, we've provided a formatted email to send to FIFA's sponsors. All you need to do is click to copy and select the message, paste it into a new email, and decide who you want to reach out to from the list below:

Sponsor CEO contacts

Twitter: @adidas

Herbert Hainer, Chief Executive

Muhtar Kent, Chairman and CEO
Twitter: @McDonaldsCorp

Steve Easterbrook, President and CEO
Twitter: @SteveEasterbrk
Twitter: @Visa

Charles Scharf, CEO
ABInBev (Budweiser)
Twitter: @Budweiser
Twitter: @AnheuserBusch
Twitter: @ABInBevNews

Carlos Brito, CEO
Twitter: @GazpromNewsEN
Twitter: @GazpromFootball

Alexey Miller, Chairman of Management Committee
Twitter: @Hyundai_Global
Twitter: @Hyundai

Dr Mong-Koo Chung, Chairman and CEO
Twitter: @Kia_Motors
Twitter: @Kia

Mr Hyoung-Keun Lee, Chief Executive

Send a tweet to one of FIFA's Sponsors


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