After two successful campaigns making a stand against doping in sport, SKINS turned their attention to International Olympic Committee’s decision to award the 2014 Winter Olympics to Russia, a country that does not respect choice of sexuality.

 Following international concern at some aspects of Russia’s hosting of the games, including laws concerning homosexuality and the treatment of black sportspeople in the country, SKINS launched the campaign #IOC (International Olympic Contradictions) to highlight the hypocrisy and contradiction within the IOC.

 Unfolding across primary social media channels for the duration of the games, SKINS rolled out a series of messages to demonstrate how fundamental Olympic principles had been compromised and certain social groups left isolated by the staging of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi. The messages included key elements from the IOC charter as well as quotes from officials contrasted with images demonstrating the oppression and brutality against LGBTI groups by the host country. One of the messages quoted the IOC’s declaration that it will: “act against any form of discrimination affecting the Olympic movement”.

 The message was heard. Shortly after the campaign, the IOC added an anti-discrimination clause for host cities.