In 2013, drug use in sport hit the headlines again. Sports had been tainted, legends disgraced. Something needed to change. It seemed like nothing was being done. Clearly more investment was needed. But detection was just part of the problem, because as easy as it is to demonize athletes, the reality is much more complex. Young sports people compete under great pressure and making the right decisions can be hard. Money can only solve the problem if some of it is channeled into supporting the athletes of tomorrow. 

Continuing their fight for the True Spirit of Competition, SKINS created #ChooseTheRightTrack, a platform designed to:

  • Create the Athlete Support Council (ASC) through petitioning the IOC and WADA

  • Establish a Truth and Reconciliation (T&R) process

  • Educate young athletes 

To raise awareness, SKINS partnered with former Canadian sprinter and famous drugs cheat, Ben Johnson, who had his 1988 Olympic gold medal and world record rescinded following positive drug tests. SKINS and Johnson embarked on a month-long campaign across four continents and gave over 150 interviews to speak about how doping changed his life and to gain support for an anti-doping petition aimed at eradicating doping in sports. The tour ended at the Seoul Olympic stadium on the 25th anniversary of Johnson’s famous race, and he rolled out 100m of signatures petitioning the IOC for change.

Due to the efforts of SKINS and Ben Johnson, the IOC pledged $20 million to anti-doping and match fixing programs