In 2012, SKINS created the powerful lobby group Change Cycling Now (CCN), an organisation committed to creating an opportunity for everyone to help generate positive changes for the future of professional cycling by changing the leadership at the UCI. The lobby group included influential stakeholders such as Tour de France legend, Greg Lemond. 

On 2-3 December 2012, a highly influential group of world experts met in London and during the meeting they put together a Charter of Willing – a road map for the future direction of competitive cycling. The key principles in the Charter were: 

  • The sport of cycling must break the omertà and establish an independent Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

  • In the process of discovering the truth at the TRC, all parties need to look beyond the principles of ‘zero tolerance’.

  • The TRC should be empowered to recommend an amnesty to those riders, team staff and administrators who committed or were involved in doping practises.

  • An independent commission of review should be established to investigate the UCI and its management.

  • The responsibility for deciding who is tested, when they are tested, and what drugs are tested for, must reside in an independent entity that is beyond the control of the UCI.

  • The culture and management of the UCI must change.

 SKINS successfully lobbied for change with Pat McQuaid being replaced as UCI President. In July 2013, SKINS challenged McQuaid’s Swiss nomination to seek re-election through the Swiss courts and had it withdrawn. This meant that McQuaid went to the UCI election in September without an official nomination and lost - the first time since 1973 that a sitting President of a major International Federation lost an election. SKINS stood and won against the perceived corruption and malpractice of the UCI administration.