Traditional sports are great and all that, but even our favourite past times can get a bit old, right?

Come, come, come, we’re all sports fans here and there’s no shame in wanting to jazz up the old game from time to time. Switch the balls, break the rules, exercise that rebellious streak and get the best of both sports - now that sounds like our kind of fun!

What’s a Hybrid Sport?

Let’s get right to it. Hybrid sports are a creative combination of two or more sporting disciplines, but there’s so much more to them than simply stringing a few sports together – sorry, decathlon. They’re more of a pick’n’mix of a few sports’ best features, merged into a whole new ball game that puts a fresh spin on some old favourites. And while this whole hybrid thing may seem like sacrilege to die-hard sports fans, we rate (and we’ll whisper it just in case) that they might even be better than the originals.

Successful or downright disrespectful, we reckon our selection of hybrid sports are definitely worth a try.

Disk Golf

In Disk Golf, players do away with balls and clubs and freestyle down the fairway with a Frisbee instead. Like regular golf, the aim is to land the disk in a basket (or ‘pole hole,’ if you’re fancy) in the fewest number of throws – see the resemblance? Same rules, different tools. And what’s more, you can use the money you save on golf clubs to surprise the Mrs with something sparkly. No wonder it’s played in over 40 countries.


Tennis meets football, and looks a little something like volleyball. Futnet (or football tennis) takes regular football rules to court, where players have to get the ball over the net without using their hands. That’s the basic idea, anyway, if you’re tempted to give it a bash at your local club, but there’s a little more to it than that. At competitive level, this hybrid sport has three defined disciplines, each with its own set of rules and court dimensions that are regulated by the European Futnet Association – but we doubt they’d mind too much if you do your own thing.


By combining thinking caps with boxing gloves, chess-boxing is the ultimate hybrid sport for athletes with brains and brawn – but it isn’t just an excuse to smack that smug look off your opponent’s face. The battles have 11 rounds alternating between chess and boxing matches that are won by either knockout or check mate. And that’s all there is to it, really. Tempted?

SKINS’ Two Cents

To be fair, these hybrid sports probably won’t make it to the Olympics any time soon (or even beyond your back garden for that matter) but we rate they’ll create some classic memories. So if you’ve ever said screw it to the rules and freestyled on the field, we’d love to know!

Share your wildest and weirdest hybrid sports moment with us in the comments below to stand a chance to win a pair of SKINS Essentials Calf Tights.  


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