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Is your team counting on you to kick the winning goal or slide over for the match winning try?

Then don’t leave anything to chance and boost your performance with our SKINS A400 Power Shorts! The compression in our A400 Men’s Power Shorts enables you to perform at your personal best while effectively protecting your hip and leg muscles from injury.

Thanks to the 420D Memory MX fabric the compression in the A400 Men’s Power Shorts is almost twice as strong as the standard compression in other SKINS garments. This provides an extremely high degree of stability for your hip joints and offers optimal support for your muscles. If your sport involves extreme and fast movements or fits and starts then you can count on these compression shorts and tackle without hesitation.

The dynamic compression also increases the blood flow and supplies your hard working muscles with additional oxygen. The results are improved performance and shorter recovery periods when wearing these medium long shorts, which are slightly longer than the shorts but a little shorter than the half tights. That means that they conform to the rules and regulations of all big team sports. Thanks to the new ADAPTIVE Technology we have developed a garment that adapts to the temperature of the environment as well as your body.

We've also added 360 degree reflectivity so you'll stand out on every level, in any light. by day it's sleek looking graphics made from premium reflective glass bead technology. At night, the graphics come alive to make you visible from up to 160 metres away. Now nothing stands in the way of your wholehearted commitment to your team.

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Great compression - had to send the competition back as they were too lightweight, but these have the expected compression power for muscles. Would get 5 stars but for the bizarrely low waist. They need another inch of material on top to be comfortable.




Power shorts are the best compression shorts. If you are wondering about the difference with the A400 men's compression half tights, these are a little shorter (inseam), and way way more compression (based on the same size). Two very different things. They are overall great.




Très bon produit. Le maintien est efficace. Seul bémol : la partie arrière ne monte pas suffisamment haut à mon goût. 

Steven Malpass



They are ok but could do with a waist pull cord

jérôme potiron



Parfait maintien

Justin Cox



Best compression shorts I have! I have purchased several brands over the years and without any doubt "Skins" look, feel and perform the best.

Jari Seppälä



Maybe the best gear I've ever worn for sport. Multipurpose like ice hockey, powerlifting, crossfit, football, you name it. Compression is strong and this product will give lot's of support to the groin and hip area.

colin wong



Bought the wrong size Other than that it's good

David Gil Alías



Really compresive. A point to improve is to introduce a pocket, as the long pants have

shaun jackson



Really good shorts but took some wearing OMG before they were fully comfortable to wear.

Erskien Lenier



Love my Skins... They make if feel as if I am actually running naked without all the flapping and chafing of traditional running gear. The compression like action of the fit actually takes up some of the work of the heart and muscles to pump blood back to the heart and lungs and the pumping of lymph to enhance detoxification of the systems working hard. Skins also transfer heat (even in black) and sweat outwards like the radiator in a grand prix race car. I run in desert heat and up hot, dry mountains almost daily and how I feel by the time I return home is night and day better than any previous attire I've run with.  Get Sum! 

Gordon Thiry



The material is a little slippery until you build up some sweat.  Waist band a little funky as well.  Love the compression however.

David Westwood



The compression on these is beyond anything I've experienced before, which is a shame, as however much I want to like these, I simply can't because the cut around the waist is just far too loose (even at the appropriate size) - as I bend and stretch the shorts just wiggle down and almost leave me at the so called "builder's bum" stage! Personally, I'll stick with the regular A400s instead.

Bogdan Shumei



Hello! Am I supposed to wear these without underwear?

Albert Pulver



quality product, the extra compression provides the support needed, especially during short sprints.

Michael Jones



I've been wearing SKINS products for a long time.  Always quality.  The A400 compression shorts, specifically the power shorts, are by far the most comfortable compression I have ever worn.  My number one criteria is how comfortable they keep the jewels while rowing.  Other brands allow uncomfortable movement.  SKINS A400 keeps everything nicely in place.  There is not better compression gear for CrossFit style workouts or movements.




The shorts serve there purpose they keep act as a solid piece of elastic band holding your glutes and quads and hamstrings together very well there's no chance you will get injured probably puts 10% on your performance because its so tight perhaps a bit too tight.
However the size chart is not accurate you need to follow your intuition if your a small man with bigger than average legs go for the size bigger.
Also the knitting looks slightly dodgy i'm wondering how long it will be until it starts to loose its threading

Werner Schäfer



Ich liebe diese Hose für anspruchsvolle Bergläufe.. Guter Kompromiss zwischen Kürze und Kompression. Einzig was mir fehlt, ist eine Schlüsseltasche, wie es die anderen Tights haben.




I don't know the science, and maybe it is all placebo effect - but whatever the root cause, I always have a better workout in these than without. I bought one pair for trial, and in the X-Fit session where i am wearing them, I feel like I am lifting more and squatting deeper. Will definitely be ordering another pair so that I can train in them regularly. I've had the longer, full-leg for running for a long time, and haven't ran any distance without them for so long - as I rely on them. These do just as good a job. They're expensive, but if the quality of the longer leg version applies here, they will last a long time.




These skins are good but not great. I found that on trying these they seemed to be a little uncomfortable to wear compared to other brands. They are almost more wetsuit type rather than lightweight comfort. Maybe they will get better over time as they mould to my body. And yes I did size myself as per the size chart. The other issue I have is the price but I could say that about any other brand.

On the plus side they seem well made with good stitching.

Ray B



Of the many compression shorts I have tried, these are the ones that make you feel like giving everything to your training as soon as you pull them on.

Jonathan Pierce



Did a training run then the Scafell trail marathon in these shorts, have previously used a400 skins. These power shorts stay in position holding hips and thighs making the run so much better and perfect heat control with no chaffing. Will be getting second pair, tad expensive but this piece of kit is worth it.

Adam G



I have given this 5 star product 4 stars purely because of the high price. I used these to run the paris marathon in and thought they were great in temperature control and also no problems with chaffing!!

Harry Torossian



I have never felt the support and power that I feel when i put these power shorts on. I have tried the rest but these are the best.

Dr Torossian




i love these bad boys, perfect for footy training and I love the extra support/compression around the groin. love em!
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