Shave seconds off your 800m time. Drive harder with your tackles.

With engineered gradient compression, SKINS Men's Compression Half Tights improve circulation in your quads, glutes and hammies, help control your body temperature and increase your power and endurance – whatever your sport.

Plus, your SKINS Compression Men's Half Tights help reduce lactic acid build-up and have strategically placed seams which act as anchor points, offering focused support and stability. Which means you can say goodbye to those post-training aches and clock another personal best in the morning.

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Fit really well and for the current price great value for money




Order XS for 12 year old for Rugby league. Excellent compression and no movement restrictions noted. More of footy team have jumped on the band wagon also. Bring on more super specials

dre dre



These are awesome! So comfy, secure and all movement for everyday and gym. Bought two, gonna buy more for everyday of the week!





As a basic half tight, they're way better than most, conforming to the curves and allowing truer freedom of movement without 'catching' in the groin like most other brands. The A200 arent on the same level as the A400 but good as an all round short. Only criticism is they sit a bit to high on the hips, but are easily folded/pushed down

Rene Zacchini



The A400 are an amazing design of skins which allows maximum movent and comfort. By far the best compression tights i've ever worn.

Avantages de la compression

Design fonctionnel


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