Les manchons SKINS ESSENTIALS Calf Tights MX vous apportent la compression dont vous avez besoin pour avaler des kilomètres supplémentaires. Adaptés aussi bien aux hommes qu'aux femmes, les manchons SKINS Calf Tights MX associent notre meilleure technologie de compression et des tissus techniques résistants, qui maintiennent et stabilisent le mollet pour améliorer vos performances et réduire le risque de blessure.


  1. Nouveaux empiècements en forme de U épousant les muscles du mollet pour un meilleur maintien et plus de stabilité
  2. Compression contrôlée sur le tendon d'Achille
  3. Conception gauche et droite confortable

Conçus pour compléter toutes les gammes de produits SKINS, les manchons Calf Tights MX parferont votre tenue de sport d'endurance.


65% polyamide, 35% élasthanne hors bandes

Avantages de la compression

Design fonctionnel

Technologie textile


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Purchased these as i have thrombosis. Find them excellent. Very comfortable to wear . Highly recommended




Ich bin ein riesen Fan der SKINS Calf Tights! An warmen Tagen trage ich diese gerne in Kombination mit kurzen Hosen, z.B. beim Wandern. Bei Tagen an denen ich weiss, dass ich lange stehe oder unterwegs bin, trage ich diese sogar unter normalen Jeans. Nützen aber auch super bei schweren Beinen. Die Kompression wirkt sehr angenehm.




Good compression calf-sleeves, they are Left and Right - and they have a specific front/back. I can always use more compression in the Achilles and below the calf, but that's more of a personal preference.

Peter Evans



Solid product. Look great. Sizing guide I am not convinced about. These feel like they could do with being slightly more of a snug fit even though I followed the sizing guide. Good version and the price in sale was excellent.

Glen Tither



I've been wearing skins compression tights, t-shirts long-sleeved tops for every training session for approximately 5 years now; As well as the benefits of venous return and increased blood flow aiding my strength & conditioning workouts, I've always found that I can workout harder wearing compression gear, than I could when not wearing it; and my muscles and joints feel like they have extra support with the compression.
I have always had thin ankles, therefore the compression in this area was always lacking. Hence me buying these calf sleeves. I must say that the compression is definitely better, as is the blood flow. I will definitely be buying more in the near future.

Stephen Tolley



I bought these because I have been getting cramp in my left calf and wondered if these would fix the problem. So far they have and more than that I am amazed how comfortable my legs feel on a long run.




Really good product, helped a lot with my calf issues when playing football. No longer get calf cramps by the end of the game. Highly recommended.





William Rasileka



l did like it so much. I Played Pro Rugby for Seattle Seawolves i did wear them on my game on Sunday last week. It was very stable. I was so happy that i find the Skins Website to order my calf tights. Thanks again Skins

Mark Naumowicz



Simply amazing, there is no substitute . SKINS all the way. Good job mates...!!!!




Its an excellent product! As a starter I used frequently get pain in my calf muscles. This compression wear really helped in quick recovery and it retains its strength. Easy to wear and I definitely recommend this wear.

Sonja B.



Die Kompression ist super. Gerade als Laufanfänger profitiere ich davon.
Defintiv ihr Geld wert.
Es ist keine Kleidung, sondern Ausrüstung!

Coman Ricketts



Tres content! Taille bien, marche bien! Seche vite!




Love these sleeves. Great for trail running. Not sure if all the sleeves but my times on five mile trail course run I do a lot has improved by almost five minutes. I did not believe it the first time but done it now about six times. Is it the sleeves? Try them yourself.




Schöner look. Angenehm zum tragen und leicht zum ausziehen. Weniger schnelle Ermüdung von den Muskel.




Great product, wore these to aid my recovery from a pulled calf muscle.




Ideal for any terain. You can feal that your muscles are not bouncing. It keeps them very stable. Its a must for every runner




I first tried a competitor's sleeves with sub-par results, but after trying SKINS, I am hooked. I have had a calf injury in the past and at times get bad cramping. These fit perfect from day one, can be worn all day and are very comfortable and supportive. I would highly recommend them.




Relatively comfy and a nice fit. My calf muscles feel noticeably better when wearing them but if you wear them all day the stitching digs into your skin and it becomes really uncomfortable.




I already know what compression is and what its benefits. I was running a half marathon 8 minutes better and there was no trace of acidification.
I highly recommend it.




These are very comfortable and not hot like some compression wear. My only suggestion for improvement would be to have reflective elements on the sleeves to aid safety while running at night. The SKINS tights have that, but these sleeves do not.




Just what I needed to give support to a temperamental calf muscle. So comfortable to wear and clearly doing want it is designed to do. Giving me confidence to do more exercise with no bad reaction.




These calf compression tights have been recommended by a friend of mine. He got them after a long march after he had quite a bit of pain in the calfs...I had the same problem, bought these and what do you know - no pain at all the morning after a long march. Super quality and they really do work. Can highly recommend them.

Sandra Schmid



Sitzen perfekt! Sehr angenehm zu tragen. Gute Qualität! Top!




Comfortable fit. Size chart accurate. Provides good support without suffocating my legs.

Marc N



I've tried 3 different brands of compression socks and these are hands down the best yet. Comfort & quality are superior! Plan on ordering more from y'all in the future.

Pieter Verhamme



Excellent quality - as usual. :)

Isak Ahlbom



excellent, love it, nothing else needed for this one

Michael Risse



Gute Kompression. Könnten etwas länger sein für mich. Im Sommer etwas warm, dennoch bin ich insgesamt sehr zufrieden.

Scott Downie



Love em they stay in place for most of the day and really help me move about quicker for work

Tegan Williams



Very comfortable and supportive. Great to playing soccer

Vincent Venuti



Gift for a friend. She likes them and wears them alot!

Sam Vernham



Right size, lessend my cramps while playing and training for football. Great product

Phil Joyce



Experienced lots of calf pain researched reasons and concluded this product might help can tell you guys. These are just excellent and allow me to walk every day so good have now got four pairs. PHIL 69 and still exercising every day thanks guys good tech.

Florent Delaigue



Très bon produit qui correspond à toutes mes attentes.. Merci à Aude Ragoucy pour les conseils !

Sebastien Lesage



J ai reçu les manchons très rapidement . Il sont agréables à porter et maintiennent bien les mollets.

Jaden Roeske



They are to big for me and don't help me with my tight calves

Jack Elden



Started training for my first marathon this year, having done a bunch of half before i figured i would be fine. I was finding i was getting calf cramp around 15 miles and was having to stop and stretch. The calf tights have worked a treat and have since done 2 20 mile runs with no problems. Bring on the Marathon! :)

Sam Schultz



Exactly what I needed in provide support while recovering from a calf injury




I sustained quite a severe blow to my right leg when I fell off a footstool and it slammed into my leg. Up to that point I was following a high intensity weights program and was feeling pretty good about things. The injury threatened to sideline me for a while (I was told 4 weeks). I purchased the SKINS calf tights to provide the sustained compression that my specialist advised and was back into training 10 days later. The Compression Calf Tights gave me the confidence to return to my training and specifically perform the high intensity plyometrics in my program.  I would recommend the product.

Linda Philp



Works perfectly,  stylish, does exactly what it is suppose to and reduces my pain levels in my compartment syndrome in both calves! 

Debbie Harris



I have had an ongoing niggling calf injury for some time and it was suggested I try some skins socks.  I have found them to help with the injury and relieve some of the soreness while exercising and afterwards.  I'm a fan!

Susanne Maurer



Gute Qualität, könnten aber noch etwas mehr Druck erzeugen. Oder ich hätte sie eine Nummer schmaler nehmen sollen, ich bin aber nach den Messangabenngegangen.

Viktor Berg



Comfortable, versatile - great for training, or recovery.

jessica partlett



Very good product

Kevin Blanc



Parfait, la longueur à été revue un peu plus courte et c'est beaucoup mieux ainsi !

Matthew Rice



Not as much compression as expecting. But happy with them overall

Sue Kane



They are wonderful. I was advised by my doctor to get some compression tights many years ago, which is when I got my first pair of skins. This pair feels great, but unlike my last pair which I could wear under a dress or pants, this pair has skins advertising emblazoned on it which make them too gaudy to wear under dresses or pants, so I find myself wearing the old pair most of the time. 

Lindy Hart



Good product which I use for circulation issues. Would be good in skintone please.

Michal Nunuk



Good one, good quality.. I recommend them

Erika Griffith



Second pair of calf tights and they performed better than the last pair. My legs felt fresh the entire work out.
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