Les shorts avec bretelles SKINS C400 compression pour hommes sont bien plus qu'un revêtement rembourré pour votre derrière.

Les produits SKINS C400 constituent la seule gamme haute performance à proposer le degré adéquat de compression requis lors de l'effort grâce aux mesures en mouvement. Cette compression accélère le flux sanguine, augmente l'apport d'oxygène aux muscles et réduit l'accumulation d'acide lactique.

Basés sur les 400 points de soutien clés, les articles de la gamme SKINS C400 sont conçus pour garantir le confort à vélo et apporter un meilleur contrôle et une meilleure puissance au niveau du torse, tout en réduisant les courbatures provoquées par l'effort physique.

La peau de chamois Elastic Interface® Technology Multi-D Anatomic Carbonium` s'étire et se contracte à chaque fois que vous appuyez sur une pédale, accompagnant votre mouvement et éliminant les frottements. La mousse haute densité contribue à réduire la pression dans la zone périnéale afin d'offrir un confort optimal sans compromettre son caractère respirant.

Ainsi, vous aurez plus de force pour pousser vos jambes dans leur dernier retranchement.

Quelle note donneriez-vous à ce produit ?




I don't think is necessary to say how amazing this product is. It just simply is and you won't know until you try it yourself. I use it also for running, gym or any other sporting activities and I couldn't be happier.

Nick Symes



I bought the C400 bib shorts to replace my previous Cycle Pro Bib shorts. I thought I'd share my feedback. so far.
Sizing - This is different in the 400 series to the Cycle Pro, I needed to go up a size.
Leg grippers, I maybe out of the loop here, as I commute, but there are none on the C400s. I find that this means the legs ride up and cause the shorts to bunch up around my groin. This means more bare leg is exposed, which is generally OK, but with temperatures falling, is less comfortable! I find that I am constantly pulling the legs back down, but they just ride up again. This is a slight issue when getting off the bike at the end of the ride, as one needs to adjust things to get comfortable!
They are a more snug fit than the Cycle Pro bibs, the back panel in particular has no real stretch.
However, the quality of manufacture seems good, the chamois is comfortable (larger than the Cycle Pro) and the wicking works well.

Robert Hobbs



Have used these C400 bib shorts on a hilly road ride for the first time out in them. My legs behaved much better than usual and the comfort on the saddle was very good. Not cheap but the quality is better than most shorts I've had. Might need some for the wife now!

Guy Petruzzelli



On Friday, I had a long ride scheduled, 2.5 hours, with lots of interval work. So I put on the C-400 bibs, and I have never had a more comfortable ride in my life. I'm not blowing smoke here. The chamois is perfect; it provides just the right amount of padding without sacrificing performance. My saddle is not the most forgiving, so the bibs performed beyond any expectation as I was able to handle all intervals without any discomfort in my crotch. More importantly, the bibs wicked away moisture and kept me comfortable and cool. Riding indoors doesn't provide a lot of ventilation, and I tend to sweat a lot anyway, so the fabric was an excellent mix of compression, and comfort.
Your C-400 bibs are the gold standard in my book. Absolute comfort matched with outstanding performance. Knowing that I have a number of cycling road races this season, I'm very happy to have those bibs.




As a relative newcomer to the joys of cycling, it has taken me a little while to discover these bib shorts which have now become my knicks of choice. I find the compression to be very supportive but not restrictive, the chamois probably the most comfortable I’ve used – especially on the longer rides, and the general fit to be perfect for my size. Can’t wait to get them on and out for a ride!




Have used both the original skins bib shorts and the C400 bib shorts. So comfortable, durable and look fantastic. I have not found a better chamois. I ride 24,000 km a year so comfort is paramount.

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