L'équivalent sportif de la petite robe noire ?

Cours collectifs en salle de gym, jogging matinal ou entraînement personnalisé : quel que soit le sport que vous pratiquiez, les vêtements de compression SKINS sont tout aussi indispensables que de bonnes baskets.

Des études scientifiques ont prouvé que les articles SKINS contribuent à de meilleures performances, en vous permettant de vous entraîner plus longtemps, et à une récupération plus rapide, en diminuant les courbatures.

Comment ? En garantissant une pression optimisée aux endroits stratégiques, afin d'assurer une meilleure oxygénation des muscles. Des tissus extrêmement bien conçus soutiennent les principaux groupes musculaires, garantissent une totale liberté de mouvement et réduisent les risques de blessures. Une meilleure posture permet d'inspirer davantage d'air.

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Love the fit, love the color




I bought three of these tops and they're great! The two different style sizes (H and A) help fit to you better, they're supportive, keep me warm in winter, and the bottom part doesn't ride up as your running (which was a problem with other singlet tops).




i was having trouble with sciatica and needed to keep my lower back warm duing winter outside workouts and netball games... this top has worker perfectly for me. The rubber grip on the bottom keeps it in place and i am thankful i purchased 2 at the time.




Have been wearing these tops for over two years, summer and winter on the golf course. I have a chronic back condition. This top gives me great confidence to go out and play golf, as I know my muscles are always kept warm and supported.




Havent really purchased compression wear before so can't compare it to other brands but the reviews for Skins were consistent. Since buying this I have also brought another in a different style and without the A and H shapes, this top definitely has more of a hug to the lower back (in the A-shape at least) making it feel more supportive but it does have a slight tendency to ride up-not overly annoying just an occasional faff.

Word of caution the coral colour I brought was on the see-through side! Which is a shame as the support and tight fit meant I didnt particularly have to wear anything underneath or over the top but I really have too otherwise I'd be blushing! Unlike some of the other tops the branding of the skins logo on this top is more discreet which is a bonus for me as I'm wearing Skins for both working out and as day wear to ease a medical condition and for that reason I would like to see this style in black.

The results of wearing Skins are great muscle fatigue is greatly eased I've noticed better performance during workouts.




Just bought a second one of these tops. I'll never run without wearing one again! Very supportive, as described by others the best thing is the rubber strip that holds it in place, it does not budge!! Highly recommend especially when its such a bargain too. Very happy with my purchase.




Brilliant product really good and comfortable.
Very pleased and will buy it again.




Great top but a very tight fitting, even though i got the large size. I am very brood across the sholuders and back and I had to squeeze into it. Other than that it does what it says.




Great product and like with the A400 tee, love the different fit options. Also as mentioned with the tee, the best thing about these tops are the rubber strips on the bottom inside edge, which help keep the top down during running/exercise - this is the biggest problem I have with other brands/styles. I bought the coral, which is paler and more of a pinky-orange than the image shown (more red here on the website), but really comfy and a great fit. Durable and exceptionally happy with this product at the reduced price. ($29.99)




Loving it and perfect fit! It helps to grab onto my pants so it doesn't shifting around when running. it keeps everything in place! Giving me support yet stylish to wear. Highly recommended!




Durable and simply it is as described




Until I wore the Skins racer top I had relied on other brands to help me through my training. This Skins top will now be my first choice for exercise - I really noticed the difference during and after my workout and the style is just what I was after. 5 stars!
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