Pour être toujours impeccable tout en améliorant vos performances. Les corsaires SKINS A400 Women’s ¾ Tights confortables vous permettent de vous entraîner plus intensivement et de récupérer plus rapidement, tout en ayant de l'allure.

Grâce à la technologie ADAPTIVE nos corsaires SKINS A400 Women’s ¾ Tights vous rafraîchissent lorsqu'il fait chaud et vous tiennent chaud par temps froid. La nouvelle taille basse repose sur vos hanches et la ceinture plus large équipée d'une poche facilement accessible vous permet de vous concentrer sur votre entraînement dans un confort absolu.

En outre, notre technologie de compression de gradient dynamique favorise l'apport d'oxygène à vos muscles en action. Résultat ? Vous êtes en mesure de donner plus, et plus longtemps, et vous réduisez le risque d'apparition de courbatures.

Des empiècements en tissu Memory MX ont été ajoutés sur différentes zones cruciales, telles que la bandelette ilio-tibiale, le fascia lata et le genou, pour garantir une compression maximale sans entraves. Vous pouvez ainsi tenter de parfaire votre posture du chien tête en bas ou de courir un peu plus longtemps, tout en réduisant le risque de vous blesser

Enfin, la réflectivité à 360° vous permet d'aller courir la nuit sans danger. Vous n'avez plus aucune excuse pour reporter votre entraînement.

Quelle note donneriez-vous à ce produit ?

Noreen Parrish



As always great have been using skins for over10 years

Jenny Kelly



Love the new fit, love the no stitching around the calf area. BUT they are SEE THROUGH at the back, and can't be worn on their own! Had to send back.

Ute Neunsinger



Perfekte Kompression bei perfekter Bewegungsfreiheit!

Gracie MacKinlay



super see-through, even wearing black or nude undies. Can't really wear them, very disappointed.

Tracy Tsovolos



Not as good as the last A400 I had.  These ones have the nice thick fronts but only a thin back.

nadine misson



parfait .. bonne compression.. efficace sur tendinite de la hanche 

mel ronick



My wife says they are not as long as the last ones she ordered. We may send them back.

Kristin Diemer



Ordered on line & the fit was perfect.

Rebecca Baldwin



Awesome totally love them. Fab for running in as the stitching supports my knees. Will recommend to everyone

Trisha Fowler



I used the size guide and they aren't super tight but can still see through them to my undies, so I just don't wear them




My skins are great with the compression but they are so see through in the bum you can even see my skin colour undies very vividly. Im too embarrassed to wear them in public and I dont have any tops that will cover my bum. I dont understand are you supposed to wear shorts over them? bit of a shame really.

Kim D



I love these pants for competing in obstacle course races! They can take a beating crawling on the ground and rubbing against the barbed wire without tearing or snagging! They dry quickly when I'm putting them thru lakes and mud pits! I also feel the compression is perfect to support over working muscles! I highly recommend these for that type of training, and more. I'll be putting them through a 36 hour race (actually...a few pairs) in Wales in few weeks!! I'll update after that one too!




Love my new skins. I had experimented with non-skins thinking that compression technology was possibly all the same now. I was wrong. Skins are far superior in their design and manufacture.

Given a pair Skins of 3/4 tights lasts me about 3 years the value for money is certainly superior to others.




I have a number of leggings that I use for running and obstacle course racing but these are the best so far. A great feel, superb support and quick drying. At 5'9 I always worry about the 3/4 length leggings but they fitted perfectly. Would certainly recommend.




Was dubious about ordering a small but seems they know their stuff. Tights fit really well and are very comfortable. Are they improving performance not sure - haven't got a PB yet but early days.
Waistband pocket a bit strange as it is seems to be just a slitbin the waistband with no zip not sure in would trust my keys in there but it is the only downsid. Fast delivery, all round good service




I have experimented with a number of socks, tops and bottoms claiming to provide "compression." Conclusion: You get what you pay for. At first, I was hesitant in selecting the website's size calculator's recommendation, but it turned out to be right both for the 3/4 tights and the crop top. I felt the support right away. I still felt like I could move efficiently (not packaged like sausage or sporting sleek lycra that offers no support for 30 or 40km runs). The marketing mantra sums it up: it's not apparel, it's equipment. I bought the 3/4 tights because as a 5'2" I find most tights to be inches too long. With a 3/4 tight, I get the support I need and can make up compression on the rest of the leg with compression socks (which is ideal because I have compression socks for winter weather, as well as compression socks for warmer weather). This feels great, adding to my performance, not taking away from it.
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