Dotée d'un indice de chaleur supérieur de 200 % aux hauts SKINS standard, le haut thermique manches longues SKINS A200 avec col cheminée zippé a été conçu pour conserver la chaleur lorsque vous vous activez au froid.

La compression de gradient modifiée SKINS a été scientifiquement prouvée d’augmenter la circulation et de fournir plus d'oxygène aux muscles, afin que vous puissiez vous entrainer plus fort pendant plus longtemps.

Les produits SKINS allient compression et confort. Le haut thermique manches longues A200 avec col cheminée zippé assure une sensation de chaleur exceptionnelle et son col cheminé de 5 cm vous protège du froid. Il est doté d’une aération au niveau des aisselles et d'une bande en silicone au niveau de la taille pour rester bien en place.

Avantages de la compression

Design fonctionnel

Technologie textile


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Hamish Stratmore



Perfect fit, comfortable and warm. Great for a range of activities and for those times when a standard compression SKINS isn't warm enough (or combine the two for ultimate warmth). Usual high standard of manufacture.

Alan Tran



Love everything about this top. Style, warmth and fit

Kellie Gray



I wear my long sleeve compression top to footy training & it keeps me warm & it is super comfortable

Peter Henderson



Took the thermal top for a run on a cold and windy afternoon and was very happy with how I kept warm. Good snug fit and was able to unzip the top a bit as I warmed up. Wouldn't have gone out if I didn't have it in my kit.

Brendan Johnson



Very well made and durable.  I use both A200 and A400 and they are both great. I have a history of back problems too and the SKINS definitely help with that. 

Jeffrey Bohémier



I bought this for the coming winter months here in NE Florida.  Although we rarely get below freezing,  it gets quite chilly here nonetheless.  And as I wear compression all the time, its perfectly suited for my day to day activities.   The fit is nearly perfect, with this top being extremely comfortable to wear over long periods of time.  I especially like the small zipper in the neck, which gives me the option to loosen up the neck area, making it just that much more comfortable.  I also purchased the matching tights, which are as equally comfortable.  The quality of these garmets is exceptional to say the least, with the skins logo actually embedded in three demensions along the waistband of the tights.  I'm currently looking for a Black Friday sale to see if I can purchase a second set, abit in a different color, to wear while the first set is in the wash.




Purchased this to wear as a thermal base layer for snowboarding. I just wore a shirt over it and my jacket in minus 8 to minus 15. It was great! I would highly recommend it. I will wear this over thermals from now on.




Great product, to usual Skins standard, but felt the product was too small (tight) when following the on-line Skins sizing guide / chart.

The garment is almost unbearable (too tight under the arms / or across the chest) when doing exercises that involve long-term exercises like walking or running - but good for cycling (where there is little arm movement).

On a positive though, great thermal value and very breathable.




One of the best things products SKINS has!
Wore these when traveling recently and never wanted to take them off - perfect at keeping you warm when it is cold and even when the sun comes out the thermal is breathable so you do not overheat and have to strip off layers. Perfect as well when you are training in the cold but dont want to overheat once you have warmed up. Being a compression product you don't have to worry about your thermals being uncomfortable or ill-fitting, fits perfectly you hardly notice it was there.

Adrian Sawyerr



This is hands down one of the nicest compression tops I own. Definitely worth the money in my opinion. Make sure you get one that's a size larger than what you normally wear. I wear a medium and got a large and it fits perfectly. I got a medium white compression top last time and it fits like a small so I went up a size this time and it worked out great. The zip up design is perfect, especially when you feel exhausted during your workout and want to just a get breather without feeling like you're being choked to death. I love the design and colors and it's definitely a product that I'll buy again if I had to.




very good product




Found the A200 to keep me very warm when wearing as a base layer playing football in the winter months, nothing worse than being freezing cold on the pitch and always wanted to buy a proper base layer top for sports. Comfortable and gets me into the mindset of playing sport now when I put it on. Money well spent.
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