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Based on 400 key fitting points, the SKINS TRI400 range is cut for comfort while swimming, cycling and running.

Dynamic gradient compression helps accelerate your blood flow to get more oxygen to your active muscles. Increased circulation also helps reduce lactic acid build-up – so you can compete hard in each stage and have less pain when it's all over.

Panels of strategically placed TRI400 fabric minimise drag and aid performance in the water.

The ultra-lightweight TRI400 Elastic Interface® Technology chamois is designed specifically for triathletes looking for maximum comfort and performance. Strategically placed carbon-infused fabric panels between the thighs mean less chafing, more comfort and a better performance during the final stage of the race.

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Tezza Diomis



Got to wear this Awesome tri-suit in my first Ironman in Melbourne in 2013.
The fit was excellent, covered all the areas needed & kept my muscle in place. The help with recovery of muscle memory from this suit was amazing, next day had no muscle soreness or delayed fatigue.
I'm looking forward to seeing what SKINS can improve on into the future of compression Tri- suits.




First up, dont be afraid to size down, I sit in the middle of the medium range according to the skins calculator but the small fits perfectly, I wouldnt want the M actually. The fit is truly great - tight compression where needed, good lengths on the legs (and cool panels between the thighs)and superb around the obliques and torso. The chamois is just enough and doesnt hold to much water. I'd suggest wearing a jockstrap or speeedos as the front can be a bit exposed! Out of my 4 tri suits, this is my fave.

Toby Curtis



was right on the borderline of small/medium suit chose to go the small and very pleased fits like a glove. super comfortable through all disciplines. Would highly recommend this product the black white looks great too.




This suit looks and feels great and will no doubt perform as well as my other skins products.
However having read a review on amazon I ordered extra large instead of my normal large.
At 6'4" and 95kg the large was recommended but would have been far too short.




Super produit, manque juste des poches plus grandes et plus accessibles, ainsi que des tailles plus adapatées pour le haut et le bas du corps. La taille M est nickel en bas mais trop compressive en haut pour moi




Feels great through all 3 disciplines, the cycle pad is excellent. Neck zip too high under a wetsuit, but ok when opened a bit. Blue colour is very shiny and shows up the sweat more than the black and white, and is almost too superman for non-event wear! Otherwise all good. Skins magic strikes again!

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