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Recovery is an important part of any fitness routine. A speedy recovery means you feel great after exercise and can work out more often with better results.

Research has taught us that compression needs in a relaxed state of recovery are different to when muscles are active. With this in mind, SKINS created the RY400 range.

Forget massages, long baths and shockingly cold ice packs. To improve recovery time, simply pull on your RY400 long sleeve top after activity. It's scientifically proven to help the body recover better – reducing tenderness and delayed onset muscle soreness by delivering more oxygen to your resting muscles.

We recommend you wear your RY400 long sleeve top for at least 3 hours to get the best results. Our 400 fit guarantees maximum comfort, so you can even wear it while you sleep to speed up your body's natural recovery process.

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Sandra Schmid



Sehr angenehm zu tragen und sorgt für eine gute Regeneration! Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen!




This top is great! I appreciate the wider style neck to make donning more feasible (since it IS a compression top, it takes a little effort to put on). The fabric is soft, smooth, light and very breathable. I chose to wear it as an underlayer a few times after big workouts and it didn't create bulk or make me too warm. It dispenses heat so well and there is some mesh-like fabric built in for added breathability, I don't get too hot. This is not a base layer to help you stay warm, it's really a compression top to speed recovery and that's just what it does!




Awesome! I am recovering from a disease and these and the bottoms have changed my life. They take the edema off my body, stop muscle pain, give me more energy and .......LOWER BLOOD SUGAR! If I wear these for six to eight hours during the day my blood sugar lowers 20-30 points more. If I miss a day the blood sugar goes back up. So amazing. The femur bone pain is so much better and the intense shoulder pain I have had for years is immensely better. Also, my feet don't hurt when I wear these, and I can now sleep at night. Thank you SKINS !!!!! I also have the DNAmic thermals top and bottom for working outside. I can now walk miles a day and hope to be running again someday soon thanks to this super awesome equipment!

Angel Kuns



Love my skins! 

Keefa Hawkins



Love the silky feel but so compressive in the best way 

Emma Tattersall



Find the shorter sleeves more comfortable.

Catherine S



I have been wearing for about 2-3 years and it's what gave me relief from a labrum and scapula injury. I would highly recommend this to anyone, it's not as tight as the exercise compression garments which some people might like.

Julie Jacobson



Great shirt to help with managing lymphoedema in right arm, armpit and chest.

Vicki Dendle



Love them, they are the best for me as I've had all my lymph nodes in one arm removed. Helps with fluid drainage from my arm. My only wish is that there is other colours to choose from. The black shirt attracts the heat while I'm playing tennis. Thanks for good night sleeps, I was not sleeping well prior to wearing these shirts.

Please consider making other colours.




I have had a couple of these, both S and XS. XS fit me best- I'm 5'3" 123#, short-waisted with swimmer's lats, etc. Some stitching came out on one, so I mended it. I think these don't compress quite as much as a 2XU top I have -- they are lighter fabric -- and they stretch out faster. Still, they work well and I like having V-necks and I'm more likely to wear these to sleep in vs the 2XU top. Both tops have been great for helping me recover faster. I wear them on big days - 2x/week or more.




Excellent compression and as described. It also helps the posture as I tend to slouch when I am tired. I have dermatitis so I would wear them after a shower.

Kate Svanfelds



After doing an intense upper body workout today I decided to buy the long sleeved shirt as I already own compression tights. Fit was comfy, obviously tight. I had a nap with it for like 2 hours and I woke up feeling great. Considering I was unable to lift my arms above my head after my gym session. I felt great.
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