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G400 men's compression long tights are the ultimate in golfing apparel. Whether participating in a tournament or having a practice drill, you need to be strong and well balanced.

SKINS unique and proprietary research into the body's compression requirements while in motion has been incorporated into all G400 products. Dynamic gradient compression combines with 400 fit to accelerate your blood flow, enhancing oxygen delivery to your active muscles and reducing the build-up of lactic acid.

Biomechanically placed Memory MX fabric provides consistent compression and unrestricted movement as you rotate and swing. Memory MX panels also wrap key muscle groups to help reduce muscle vibration, risk of injury and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

UPF 50+, state-of-the art moisture management and permanent antimicrobial treatment give you more protection out on the fairways, whatever the weather.

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Glen Tither



As a personal trainer I am constantly testing products/workouts against their claims and pushing myself to the absolute limits. I wanted to find out if there was a single pair of compression tights which would help my performance during my gym training, but doubel up as recovery compression tights also. After several emails to Skins' customer service I was pointed in the direction on G400 range. Even though it is aimed at the golfing community I was promised that it would meet my needs. I can honestly say that during the very first training session wearing the G400 tights, I was able to push myself harder and add resistances to almost all of my legs exercises. I swithced to a clean pair of G400 tights immediately after my gym session and wore them for a few hours whilst I cooled down and refueled. The days that follow my brutal legs sessions are filled with pain and limited ranges of motion. However, I experienced non of these symptoms, and I can only ut that down to my wearing the G400 tights for both training and recovery. The negative's of these tights are that there is no waistband drawstring or ankle zips. The tights are nice and tight in these areas because they are new, but is this going to be a constant over time or are the ankles and waist bands going to gradually become loose with putting on and taking off?

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