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SKINS is a proud partner of the USA Cycling Team as they pedal for the medals!

This USA Cycling Team replica jersey has been specifically designed to meet the physical demands of cycling.

The innovative micro-fibre fabric dries quickly, easing moisture expansion and evaporation. It keeps the body fresh, providing the maximum comfort.

Please note that the size runs of this garment are not prototypical SKINS sizing. The sizing standard is from Italy, therefore you will need to "size-up" three sizes from your normal size (M becomes XXL, L becomes XXXL, etc).

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The size chart seems right in target, so be sure to with what it says. I love the jersey overall. Good fabric, good feel, good breathability. The only thing I don't like are the cuffs on the sleeves which are made for upper body anorexic cyclists. Some of us aren't built that way and don't want to be built that way so a little more give would be nice. A simple change to the elastic would solve the entire problem. It just doesn't stretch much. Kind of like wearing a tourniquet on each arm.

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