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If you take your sport just as seriously as the big guys, you'll be keen to take any performance advantage you can get.

SKINS A400 youth compression long tights supercharge your muscles naturally, whatever your sport. 400 fit and dynamic gradient compression increase your blood flow to deliver more oxygen to your active muscles, giving you improved power and less muscle soreness.

With split calf support panels and muscle wrapping seams around the ITB and TFL muscle groups, A400 youth compression long tights can help reduce the risk of injury, focus muscle direction and improve co-ordination.

Kids often suffer from muscle damage caused by bone growth – more commonly known as growing pains. SKINS can help accelerate muscle repair and reduce this pain and discomfort.

Get out and show them you mean business!

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I was nervous buying these over the website not knowing for certain if the sizing was right for me. But, despite the leggings being a bit long (I'm 5 ft), they're amazing, and exactly what I was looking for. The fit provides just the right compression, the fabric is really high quality and smooth, and the style is flattering. I'll have to save up for another pair soon!




Grabbed these on Holiday in Aussie for my Hockey.
Worn them a few times around the house,run and biked in them and there pretty comfy.
Little bit big even i was in the middle of the sizing :/
Can feel the compression in between the joints on the thighs and calfs.
Very comfy fabric and they look cool(That's very important :) )
Are a bit pricey but they are quality and feel great !
Its like buying Running shoes !




Like the long sleeve top i wear, the long skins make it very comfortable under my racing leathers. They really help in my recovery as well.

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