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Lisa Sthalekar - Former Aussie women’s cricketer

We all want the same thing. We want the game to prosper and cricket to be a global sport.

Daniel Lewczuk – Active Businessman

I have learnt that there’s more to success than owning companies and crossing finish lines.

Johnathan Thurston - Greatest Rugby League Player of All Time

"You might not be the biggest or the fastest, but you need to have that self-belief that you’re good enough."

Amelia Tsikleas - Community runner

"I’m just an everyday girl who likes to run, but a very competitive one at that."

Philippa York - Former pro cyclist

“I started cycling to bury the gender dysphoria I was going through.”

Ash Dykes - Extreme Adventurer

"Just because no one’s found a way to do it doesn’t mean it can’t be done."

Bill Browder - Author and Human Rights Activist

"In Russia, everything is a conspiracy theory. Nothing is as it seems."

Jacquie Agnew - Women’s Football Champion - Lewes FC

“Too many people say they support equality but do nothing about it.”

Vitaly Stepanov - Russian Doping Whistleblower

"In Russia, corruption isn't a problem, it's a system."

Lynne Cox - Long-distance Ice Swimmer

"A true hero goes far beyond just being a great athlete"

Deanna Blegg – The Toughest Mudder | Superhuman

“I refuse to let illness alter what I want to do in life”

Rebecca Campsall – Full-time lawyer. Full-time Olympic hopeful.

“It’s never too late to get back into something you love.”
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